MLB The Show 24 Franchise mode - Everything you need to know

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

The Franchise mode is returning in MLB The Show 24, and once again allows players to take control of their favourite team. However, this edition introduces some huge features and improvements to the mode.

Players can take full control of their team's operations, with the main goal being building a team capable of winning a World Series title.

So let's find out everything about the Franchise mode in MLB The Show 24.

What is Franchise mode?

As mentioned above, Franchise is a mode where players can take full control of a team's operations. Players can pick a team, manage the squad, control the scouting department, make financial changes and either play or simulate the games.

MLB The Show 24 Franchise menu
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Credit: MLB The Show
Here is a look at the MLB The Show 24 Franchise mode menu.

The main goal is to build a team capable of winning the World Series title. This can be done by making spectacular trades that strengthen your team, finding the next Babe Ruth through your scouting department, or hiring a better coaching staff.

All of this is under your control and all the decision-making is up to you.

Franchise mode features in MLB The Show 24

The training, coaching staff, scouting, drafting, trades and budget features are present in MLB The Show 24, as well as the player's ability to either simulate or play the games. However, we also had a couple of new features making their debut this year.

One such feature is the Custom Game Entry, which allows players to set and save custom game conditions, that when met will make players automatically jump into the live Franchise game that was being simulated.

The PPI feature was also added to the Franchise mode. This feature lets players promote their best prospects in exchange for draft pick compensation.

The option to start a save with a roster that includes all the real-time injuries was also added, which is a delight for Franchise mode fans, as they have been asking for this feature for quite some time.

MLB The Show 24 Franchise mode Custom Game Entry feature
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MLB The Show developers also worked on the draft logic, significantly improving the prospect draft logic, especially when it comes to undrafted, unsigned and injured players.

Last but not least, users can finally see the trophies in the awards section of a player card. It might not be the most revolutionary addition, but it certainly makes the game more immersive.

Franchise mode provides an enjoyable and immersive experience in MLB The Show 24. So if you always wanted to feel like an MLB general manager this is the perfect mode for you.

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