MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show: Ballplayers get big changes in RTTS

MLB The Show 22 is ready to take Road to the Show even further than they did last year, and we could be due for some exciting upgrades.

Here's everything we know so far about MLB The Show 22 RTTS and how this year's single-player career mode could change the game.

Latest - Early access countdown

MLB The Show 22 Early Access is almost here, and that means players will soon be able to get a jumpstart on their Franchise or Diamond Dynasty team.

MLB The Show 22 is set for a worldwide release date of April 5, 2022, but players who have Early Access can start even sooner.

Only players who pre order the MVP Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 22 gain Early Access, which unfortunately also means players on Nintendo Switch will all have to wait for the official launch day.

Follow our MLB The Show 22 Early Access Countdown.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show (RTTS)

While the names vary from game to game, what many players are looking for is a single player Career Mode experience, and for MLB The Show 22 that's Road to the Show.

While the game mode isn't a new addition, it's been getting increasingly better each year and saw a flurry of huge upgrades last year as the games leapt to next gen for the first time.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show RTTS Ballplayer
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CAREER MODE: Build your career from the ground up

Last year, we saw the adjustment to a new Ballplayer system instead of the previous player creation model, and we also got some of the most immersive story in years.

MLB The Show 21 introduced dynamic podcast episodes throughout Road to the Show that would be influenced by how your player performed, and it really took the narrative experience up to a new level.

Hitting, Pitching & Fielding Features REVEALED

The latest MLB The Show 22 new feature reveal has shown off all the changes coming to the core gameplay.

This means we now know what MLB The Show 22 hitting, pitching, and fielding will look like come launch day.

Read all about the new Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding features here.

RTTS 22 will have multiple Ballplayers for the first time

Unfortunately we're still pretty thin on official news about Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22, but one piece of information confirmed early has to do with your Ballplayer.

Or more accurately for this year, your Ballplayers. While Road to the Show 21 changed things up with this new universal Ballplayer across various game modes, even allowing you to use them in Diamond Dynasty, they've added to the customization this year.

Rather than leaving players stuck editing their single Ballplayer or Loadout each time they're looking for a change, you'll be able to create multiple Ballplayers in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show RTTS Ballplayer
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CREATE A PLAYER: Make your Ballplayer however you want

Considering how height and weight can affect playstyle and how players may want active careers at different positions, this should be a big boost for those who enjoying playing Road to the Show.

We expect more upgrades to the narrative single player career mode this year, but now begins the unfortunate waiting game as we hope to learn more soon.

MLB The Show 22 will be reviving the Feature Reveals seen last year in the buildup towards launch day, and that likely means we'll get at least one deep dive into Road to the Show in the coming weeks.

We NEED full Ohtani experience

MLB The Show 22 will be looking to build upon the success of MLB The Show 21 with this year's game, and one of the game modes many players were drawn to is Road to the Show.

The single player narrative experience truly delivered last year, but one area where there's room for improvement was the freshly introduced two-way player experience.

MLB The Show 21 offered users the opportunity to become a two-way player in RTTS for the first time, but it came with flaws as the game mode would often try to pull users towards one position or the other.

Read why MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show needs the true Ohtani experience this year.

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