MLB The Show 22: New Hitting, Pitching & Fielding Features will be revealed next

MLB The Show 22 has already shaken things up with the announcement it will make a series debut on Nintendo consoles, arriving on the Nintendo Switch with fully integrated crossplay. But that's far from the only innovations players can expect from The Show this year.

The next MLB The Show 22 features reveal will cover updates to the game's core gameplay with new batting, pitching, and fielding systems.

Here's everything you need to know about the next set of MLB The Show 22 feature reveals.

New MLB The Show 22 Hitting, Pitching & Fielding changes to be revealed next

MLB The Show 21 made some fantastic changes to core gameplay systems, and the developers will soon reveal what they have in store for MLB The Show 22.

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MAKE THE PLAY: MLB The Show 22 should shake up batting, pitching, and fielding systems this year

This will come in the form of a livestream breaking down all of the changes to MLB The Show 22 across hitting, pitching, and fielding.

This livestream will run on Thursday, March 3rd starting at 6pm EST.

Catch the stream live once it starts below:

These feature reveal streams will be weekly leading up to launch, with the first stream last week revealing everything new about MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch. This stream clarified full crossplay integration for The Show on the Switch, extending in Diamond Dynasty and beyond.

So what will Sony San Diego reveal about MLB The Show 22 this week?


MLB The Show 21 made great leaps forward in hitting, pitching, and fielding, adding new pitching systems, over 100 new fielding animations, and continuing to improve on timing at the plate and beyond.

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OUT OF THE PARK: MLB The Show 21 raised the bar high for new features, but MLB The Show 22 should match

Of these new features, pitching led the way with the new Pinpoint Pitching system and a new Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) for pitchers to really show their prowess on the mound.

In MLB The Show 22, we expect more new fielding animations, some adjustments to throwing after making plays in the field, some new pitching systems and difficulties, and a smoother batting experience all around.

While none of these features were at play during the MLB The Show 22 technical test in February, we have high expectations for Sony San Diego in these areas come launch day - and the upcoming livestream should give us our first taste!

The MLB The Show 22 technical test did raise some concerns for FPS and server stability, especially ahead of crossplay integrating a whole new branch of consoles in the Nintendo Switch as well as multiplayer Co-Op gameplay for the first time. But MLB The Show 22 should still raise the bar in its core gameplay systems, and we'll soon learn exactly how directly from the devs themselves.

And don't forget, the team will also reveal the next new addition to the MLB The Show 22 Legends Roster as well!

Stay tuned as we cover all the new MLB The Show 22 features revealed by Sony San Diego right when they happen here.

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