MLB The Show 22: Road to the Show needs the true Ohtani experience this year

MLB The Show 22 is just a few weeks away from launch, and Road to the Show is poised to be a major hit for the second year in a row.

With more upgrades expected, MLB The Show 22 needs to make RTTS into the true Shohei Ohtani experience for a two-way player.

MLB The Show 22 needs the true Ohtani experience in Road to the Show

MLB The Show 22 will be looking to build upon the success of MLB The Show 21 with this year's game, and one of the game modes many players were drawn to is Road to the Show.

The single player narrative experience truly delivered last year, but one area where there's room for improvement was the freshly introduced two-way player experience.

MLB The Show 21 offered users the opportunity to become a two-way player in RTTS for the first time, but it came with flaws as the game mode would often try to pull users towards one position or the other.

RTTS took some great first steps with the concept, but there's definitely more that could be done in allowing fans to embrace being a two-way player every step of the way in Road to the Show.

With Shohei Ohtani taking center stage as the cover athlete for MLB The Show 22 and inspiring upgrades elsewhere in the title, Road to the Show may be getting some of that same attention.

Ohtani may truly be a once-in-a-generation talent, but that's all the more reason for players to want to try and replicate that with their own Ballplayer in Road to the Show.

RTTS upgrades and new features to be revealed soon

While we've had little indication of what Sony San Diego has planned for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22, we do at least know when that will be announced.

Developers have been doing a weekly Feature Premiere for over a month now, and each Thursday we get to see some of this year's new features in action as they explain what's coming to MLB The Show 22.

We've previously seen streams focused on the new Online Co-Op mode, the debut on Nintendo Switch, gameplay adjustments, commentary changes, and most recently the new features coming to March to October and Franchise Mode.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show
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BIG BOARD: March to October new features have already been revealed

Next up on the agenda is Road to the Show and Ballplayer, which are set to take the spotlight on Thursday, March 24, 2022 during the stream that should air at 3pm PT.

We're hoping to see new features that continue to give players the chance to embrace their inner Shohei Ohtani in Road to the Show, but could also see other innovations after last year set the bar high with all the podcasts and other story details mixed in to RTTS.

While there are certainly high expectations for MLB The Show 22 and their second year living outside of the Sony-exclusive bubble, Road to the Show is a game mode where they should be primed to deliver.

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