MLB The Show 21 Next Gen Gameplay Features Revealed

MLB The Show 21 is less than two weeks away, and tonight's Feature Premiere stream gave us an in-depth look into Stadium Creator and other Next Gen features coming to the game.

Here's what we learned about MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator, and how next gen gameplay will level up.

Latest - Stadium Creator Features Revealed

The MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator is without a doubt the most exciting feature coming this year.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Props Dinosaurs
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DINO-MITE: MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator includes hundreds of props, including dinosaurs and more!

This week's Feature Premiere livestream gave us plenty of insight into Stadium Creator, showing what it looks like in-action. This includes over 100 props, and plenty of ways you can make your mark on the stadium of your choice.

Read over all of the MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator features here.

Will Stadium Creator Cause Problems?

While there were initial worries about how Stadium Creator could affect Online Play, there will only be a set of 130 pre-approved and tested wall configurations players can choose from for multiplayer game modes in order to keep things fair and balanced.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator wall limits online play
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THE RIGHT LIMITS: Things may get weird in Stadium Creator, but some limitations will keep things fair

This seems like the perfect way to prevent issues while still letting players get creative, adding anything from dinosaurs to statues to their MLB The Show 21 stadium.

MLB The Show 21 Next Gen Gameplay Features

Stadium Creator will be the biggest difference between current and next gen gameplay for MLB The Show 21 - but that's not all that will differ on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

MLB The Show 21 gameplay fernando tatis jr next gen xbox series x ps5
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TAKE A SWING: Haptic feedback will enhance batting on PS5

MLB The Show 21 next gen gameplay will also include some integration into the DualSense controllers for PS5, giving haptic feedback in important moments like a Perfect-Perfect swing.

Players can also take advantage of the DualSense dynamic triggers on PS5 in Player Lock, and players will be able to feel different feedback for different situations.

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This means you'll feel the difference between bunting with a left-hander or a right-hander, and the difference between all of the different types of sliding.

Watch the new Feature Premiere Stream Now

Sony San Diego streamed the most recent MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere on Thursday, April 8 at 3pm PT, and you can watch it back now on Sony San Diego's YouTube or Twitch channels.

Throughout the stream you can see the new MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator in action, and we even learned about a whole new set of players for the 42 Series and Diamond Choice Pack.

Here's the players that have been announced so far and which is the best player for your Diamond Dynasty lineup.

Q&A Gives Early Insight into Next Gen, Stadium Creator

Ahead of tonight's Feature Premiere on Next Gen and Stadium Creator, we got a brief Q&A between Coach and MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell.

Russell confirmed once again that there will be competitive balance restrictions for Stadium Creator in order to keep custom stadiums usable in Diamond Dynasty fair.

This Q&A set the stage for the second to last MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere stream before launch day.

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