MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show: Added depth, new challenges, relationships, personalities and more

MLB The Show 20 has finally landed! Check out our in depth review here!

While early access players able to play now, the standard game won't hit the shelves until 17 March.

There are a lot of new features coming this year, so get ready to dive into Road To The Show and experience them all.

Of course, a huge part of any game is the game modes available, and in Road To The Show San Diego Studios have one of the most established career modes in any sports title.

With that said, NBA 2K’s narrative-driven mode is arguably the leader, and EA have joined them in creating a cinematic story mode, while RTTS has stayed away from that.

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As a result, it has to rely on improvements to its existing features to stay competitive, and after MLB The Show 19 failed to make any huge/meaningful changes to the mode, the burden has fallen on The Show 20 to elevate the mode.

A whole new feel of depth

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TRADEMARK: Baez' personality is obvious when he is on the field

The new RTTS features enhanced attribute moments to keep you moving on up to the Majors with every successful at-bat, pitch, or out.

There are new interactions to be had inside the clubhouse too. Relationships between you and your teammates matters more than ever, so be sure to keep on good terms with everyone in the club house!

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As far as the personality types are concerned, you can stack up three of the four traits from last year. You have an immediate boost to your primary option, but having others to work with is a nice touch.

Fresh & impactful challenges

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MAVERICK: You can change your personality with your play on the diamond

This feature adds to the personality system.

Dynamic challenges are a great feature and are very valuable to improving your player. Now you can impact your personality types while improving your ratings based on dynamic challenges.

For example, getting a hit after taking the first pitch could improve your plate discipline and contact, and improve your maverick personality.

This gets a thumbs up from us.

Build relationships

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BEST BUDS: Big plays will impact your relationships with your teammates

Picking up double-plays and making successful relay throws builds chemistry between you and your teammates.

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This adds more depth and purpose to the personality and relationships feature, bringing in a nice element of real-life to the game.

It also serves to make small improvements to how slick the fielding is within your unit, so keep on top of this!

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