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MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty: The best option in your Legend Diamond Choice Pack

Spring is closing in and MLB The Show 20 is officially here! Early access means fans can play right now before the official 17 March release date.

You can read our review to find out if it is worth your money!

But while we all anxiously download, our first big decision comes before firing up the game.

Much like last year, The Show is including a Legacy Diamond Choice Pack for those who purchase special versions of the game.

While last year's pack was 30-strong, this time around players will have less selection. Don't mistake fewer options for a less important choice, though.

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With the Legend Diamond Choice Pack players can start their Diamond Dynasty off right with a star to build around and a player you can rely on. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe version of the game will receive two Legend Diamond Choice Packs.

Let's take a look at this year's choices and rank who you should choose from your big first pack.


7. David Ortiz - 2003 Breakout - 86 OVR

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BIG PAPI: The Boston icon is here

David Ortiz is known for having crushing power when he makes contact, and for his incredible clutch potential to close out tough wins.

Most of the highlight reel for David Ortiz is in booming walk-off home runs, clearing the Green Monster time and time again in Fenway Park.

Despite this, because of the consistency and accolades of the other pack options, Ortiz is this year's weakest pick.


6. Gary Sheffield - 1993 All-Star - 86 OVR

Gary Sheffield was quite a unique challenge for teams to pitch to. It's probably why he retired as one of the most walked batters in the game.

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Sheffield brings a consistent offensive threat to any team knocking in runs with precision. He will force pitchers to work around him more often than not, a theme that prevailed throughout his career.

5. Tom Glavine - 1991 Breakout - 88 OVR

SIE San Diego Studio didn't go far for this pick in the pack, one of three starting pitchers from the early 90s Atlanta Braves that made the list.

Unfortunately for Tom Glavine, he might be the third-best Braves pitcher in the pack.

In 1991, Glavine went on an absolute tear, winning the NL CY Young and Silver Slugger awards as well as being the NL wins leader, and being selected as an All-Star.

4. Mickey Mantle - 1951 Rookie - 86 OVR


Few players in baseball's history have matched the winning ways of Mickey Mantle. He did everything for the New York Yankees from 1951-1968, playing first base, center field, and right field.

He had a storied career that included 13 All-Star selections, seven World Series, a Triple Crown, an MVP, and a Gold Glove among other awards.

3. Mariano Rivera - 1999 Postseason - 87 OVR

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ENTER SANDMAN: The GOAT walks to the mound


Mariano Rivera is the most dominant reliever in history, so it's hard to ignore this card.

Rivera sports an absolutely nasty cutter that helped dismantle batters across his entire career, breaking plenty of bats in the process. You can comfortably rely on the jarring pitch to dig your team out of a pinch.

2. John Smoltz - 1992 All-Star - 88 OVR

Who knew that being the second-best Atlanta Braves pitcher in a 7-player pack would translate to such a high priority?

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Much like his fellow Braves, John Smoltz put together an exhaustive list of accomplishments throughout his pitching career. His weapon of choice was an incredibly powerful 98 mph peak fastball, but Smoltz' best trait may be how clutch he became in the postseason.

If you want a strong-armed starting pitcher that heats up in the most important games, Smoltz is the pick for you.

1. Greg Maddux - 1998 All-Star - 88 OVR

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SURGICAL: Maddux is the master


Greg Maddux is one of the game's greatest pitchers, and the chance to pick him up right from the gate is hard to ignore.

Not the most explosive with a peak-speed fastball of 93 mph, Maddux is instead remembered for being a fierce and intelligent competitor that would pick apart opposing lineups like a surgeon.

Maddux in 1998 was at the peak of his notoriety and iconic status as an Atlanta Brave in the middle of his decade-long run. He struck out over 200 batters during the season, and won the final ERA title of his career.