Does MLB The Show 24 have Cross Play?

MLB The Show 24 cover

MLB The Show 24 cover

Players are wondering if MLB The Show 24 is cross platform. The title is considered by many critics one of the best sports games of 2024, as it delivers an immersive experience, makes improvements to many features, and also introduces new ones.

This feature would allow users to play against players from other platforms, making the game even more entertaining.

Is MLB The Show 24 Cross Platform?

For the second straight year, MLB The Show 24 is cross platform.

MLB The Show 24 supports cross-play on all consoles, both from the current and old generation. This means PS5 users can play with PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch players.

The game also has cross-progression, which allows users to transfer their Stubs, cards, and XP, from one MLB The Show 24 account to another from a different platform. To do that, players only need to have their accounts linked to each other.

MLB The Show 24 Ranked Co-op Menu
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The cross-platform feature makes modes such as Diamond Dynasty and Co-op much more entertaining and also challenging. It allows players to play ranked with their friends, in a 2v2 or 3v3 setting which is highly entertaining.

Cross platform also makes it possible to face friends from different platforms. This allows friends to battle it out and see who is the superior player in the diamond, which is incredibly fun but can also be very competitive.

How to Activate Cross Play in MLB The Show 24

To activate cross play in MLB The Show 24 you will need to click your profile icon and then select the cross play option, which should already be active.

If that is not the case, simply change the Cross Play status to On and you are good to go.

MLB The Show 24 Cross Play
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You just need to access your MLB The Show 24 profile to activate Cross Play.

Then, you just need to enjoy playing ranked Co-op with your friends or facing off against users from other platforms.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about cross play in MLB The Show 24.

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