The Sims: Multiplayer Mode could be added in the future, says CEO of EA

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The Sims is one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time.

It is one of those games that can cater to almost any gamer's needs, offering players countless hours of entertainment over the years.

That said, the series has always lacked any form of a multiplayer element despite its enormous success.


The developers have never given players the option to play with one another, despite the series' immense success.

But this could all change, as Andrew Wilson (CEO of EA) is very receptive to the idea of adding a multiplayer mode.

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Online Multiplayer

At a recent business meeting, Andrew Wilson said that they were keen to add a multiplayer mode to The Sims.

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However, it would be difficult to implement such a system without taking away from the immense levels of customization that is available in the single-player.

Wilson is right to worry about losing some of the classic Sims feel by adding in online multiplayer.

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This is because multiplayer mode has not always worked when it has been attempted, like what happened to Bethesda Softworks with Fallout 76.

The arrival of this feature could still be years away, but it is exciting to hear that EA is entertaining the idea.

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Considering the franchise's reputation, it is likely that some sort of multiplayer mode will materialise in the future.

But will it actually be good? That is the question we want to be answered.