The Sims 4 Update: Play With Life, V1.23 Patch Notes, March Update Delay, PS4, Xbox One, PC & more

EA's Play With Life campaign for The Sims serves as a youthful rebrand that puts a focus on diversity and inclusion for The Sims franchise.

In the trailer, actress Vanessa Hudgens is joined by other actors, YouTubers and pop stars that have lent their likenesses to the game.

It's a pretty fun reminder at how inclusive the franchise has become in its 20 years.

Continue reading below for more details on the upcoming March update, as well as the V1.23 patch notes.

Play With Life

The Sims is probably one of the best games to infuse with these kinds of inclusive campaigns, thanks to the size of the platform. 

It remains to be seen if any other celebrities or influencers will be hopping on board with the campaign, but it's a good way for them to continue celebrating the game's 20th anniversary.

General Issues

The most recent update sought to fix some crashes that were occurring in Build Mode.

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ISLAND LIFE: Make a splash in this gorgeous environment

The Maxis Curated filter in The Gallery will show the creations that have been carefully selected and reviewed (and put in the spotlight).

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We noticed that the pack detail pages weren’t showing pricing and sale information unless you went to the store pages.

Now you can review the pricing information for the packs without leaving the game.

That's all we have for now, but we will be back with more information as we receive it.

*your Sims has left the chat*

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