Xbox Series X: Leaked images, Release Date, Specs, Graphics, Console Design, Games, Price, launch titles & everything you need to know about the new Xbox

Microsoft has coined this Xbox "the future of gaming" - but what sets it apart from Sony's PS5?

Microsoft finally unveiled their next-gen console, Xbox Series X, at the Game Awards at the end of last year.

The Series X specs will be the “most immersive console experience ever” according to Microsoft, and from what we’ve heard this may well be proven true.

We are yet to see a full breakdown of what’s inside the clunky exterior, but we now have a fairly good idea of the Xbox Series X specs.

Keep reading for all the details on the upcoming Xbox’s improved framerates, loading times and graphics and a ton of other Xbox 2020 news.

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Leaked Images

Other publications have reported on new leaked images, allegedly showing the new Xbox that’s coming later this year.

Whilst we can’t be sure that these pictures are legitimate, you can check them out here.


Xbox Series X will come equipped with lightning-fast, high-bandwidth DDR6 RAM that Microsoft has claimed will “usher in resolution and framerates we’ve never seen before”.

FIRST LOOK: Some information on the specs were revealed at the Game Awards

It’ll be a while before we see this console, but this does mean that Xbox Series X will be four times as powerful as the Xbox One X – which still holds the title for the most powerful home console ever made.

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It’s hard to put this in perspective, but it is a level of power that we have never seen before.

The console will support up to 8K resolution and 120 frames-per-second gaming experiences, and if that wasn’t enough, Xbox Series X will also have support for variable refresh rate and real-time ray tracing.

Eradicating loading times

“We’ve created a new generation of SSDs… We’re using the SSD as virtual RAM” said Microsoft in their reveal video, and the result will make loading times a thing of the past.

DOUBLING UP: The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller will be compatible with the new Xbox

It’ll make gameplay smoother and faster, ironing out any creases in performance.

In theory, core performance should receive a major boost too.

It’s also been confirmed that Xbox Series X will have a disk drive, since the console will support four generations worth of backwards compatibility.

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“Your games, achievements, progression and accessories will all come forward with Xbox Series X.

The combination of the custom AMD architecture, the DDR6 RAM, and the SSD drive could well give us a console that feels truly revolutionary. 

Release date

With Xbox Series X set to launch in the Holiday 2020 window, we have no idea when Microsoft will decide to reveal more information.

HEADSTART: News of Xbox Series X was first revealed at E3 2019

All we know is that it shares the exact same rumoured launch date window as Sony’s PlayStation 5.


Halo Infinite has been confirmed as an Xbox Series X launch title, and by Christmas 2020 it will have been five years since a new mainline Halo game released.

HELLO HALO? Microsoft will have the Xbox community eating out the palm of their of proverbial hand

Halo is widely regarded as the Xbox’s first must-play game, so Microsoft’s move to launch a next-gen with a Halo game is both symbolic and business-savvy.

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However, if Halo is not your thing you won’t be caught out – Xbox Series X will be capable of three generations of backwards compatibility.

As well as new-era games, you’ll be able to play games from the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, and the very first generation of the Xbox.


Though we don’t have any official details on what the Series X”s price will be, it’s going to be quite the contentious subject now that the PS5 price has been officially addressed by Sony’s Hiroki Totoki.

ULTIMATE BATTLE: Which way will you go next year?

The original announcement of the Xbox One price was one of the first mistakes Microsoft made with the positioning of the console:

It took more than six months after the launch of the Xbox One in late 2013 for Microsoft to release an Xbox One configuration that removed the Kinect from the box and reduce the price to that of the PS4.

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With the PS5 and Xbox Series X launching at the same time, Microsoft is going to have to be careful not to repeat past mistakes.

If both consoles are packing similar specs, it’s going to be an interesting discussion. 

Two Xbox consoles launching side by side?

All the rumours point to there being two new Xbox consoles on the way, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, with the former being high end and the latter being a cheaper, streaming-focused console.

TWO FOR ONE: Anaconda and Lockhart are allegedly launching together in 2020

But with Sony placing affordability at the front of the conversation, it’s going to be an interesting battle between the gaming giants.

Only time will tell if Microsoft’s plan will materialise.

One thing is for certain though – they are throwing down the gauntlet and forcing Sony to make the next move.

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