Black Desert Online's new Mermaid-Pirate hybrid class is out now

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Well, would you look at that! Ahoy, scallywags! There's a new BDO class out there and the Corsair might just be the next best thing to hit Pearl Abyss' endlessly impressive MMORPG. Here's everything you need to know.

LATEST - Corsair Class Has Hit The High Seas

We hope you prepared your character! Black Desert Online's newest Class - The Corsair - is live in-game right now! You can check out some gameplay footage below:

Pearl Abyss has also shared the Patch Notes for the latest update which you can find here.

Corsair Class Release Date

The Corsair Class is set to be fully introduced to Black Desert Online on July 29th. that's just next week!

Pearl Abyss is always adding new content to Black Desert Online and this new class is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the content they have planned for the game's Summer Season.

You can check out an introductory cinematic for the new Corsair class which should help to explain how it fits into the world of BDO...

Corsair Gameplay Trailer Showcases Exciting Combat

Much like every other Black Desert Online class, the Corsair uses dramatic flair with every exciting attack. What makes the Corsair unique though is that every attack seems to make the use of "water magic" attacks that call on the force of the Seven Seas to unleash devastating blow after blow.

There's more to the new BDO class than meets the eye, though; The Corsair is actually a Pirate-Mermaid hybrid and there are a number of awe-inspiring attacks that make the most of this incredible power.

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You can check out a short Gameplay Trailer, that showcases how the Corsair class does in combat, below:

You Can Pre-Create A Corsair Right Now

Following the latest Black Desert Online update, which dropped on June 23, you can actually pre-create a Corsair character right now and toggle whether you want this character to be your Summer Season character or not.

In addition to this, the maximum number of character slots any account has available has been updated and increased to 24 to accommodate the new class!

New BDO Class Corsair Summer Season
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SWASHBUCKLING AESTHETIC - The Corsair certainly looks the part of the Pirate

If you select "Season Character" in the character creation screen, you can pre-create a Corsair class character. If not, you'll have to wait until the July 29th release date.

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