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When does Black Desert Online's next major title update drop?

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Black Desert Online's summer event has barely begun and we can't wait to get stuck in! Here's when the next BDO update is due to drop and what we're expecting to see from the game next.

When Is The Next BDO Update Due?

For the most part, Black Desert Online is updated fairly regularly. This means it's quite easy to predict when the next update is due to drop. Black Desert Online updates arrive every Wednesday. Differing timezones mean that you may see information about the next BDO update on a Tuesday too, though.

With this in mind, we're expecting the next BDO update to drop across June 29th and June 30th, depending on your time zone.

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As you might expect, this means there's semi-regular server downtime. Using the last update as an example, we should see the regional servers offline for the following times going forwards:

  • NA Servers
    • Offline - Tuesday 23:00 PST / Wednesday 02:00 EST
    • Online - Wednesday 04:00 PST / Wednesday 07:00 EST
  • EU Servers
    • Offline - Wednesday 07:00 BST / Wednesday 07:00 CET
    • Online - Wednesday 11:00 BST / Wednesday 11:00 CET
  • ASIA Servers
    • Offline - Wednesday 14:00 GMT+9
    • Online - Wednesday 18:00 GMT+9

Of course, this downtime is subject to change based on the size of the update and could be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. This should act as a rough guideline though going forwards.

Last Update's Patch Notes

The latest Black Desert Online Update introduced a brand new class to the game: Corsair. What's interesting is that this class doesn't actually go live until the next BDO update on June 29th. For now, though, players can pre-create their Corsair character and prepare to dive into the waves!

Corsair Class Updates

  • Pre-creation for the new class Corsair has begun.
    • You can now pre-create and customize the new class Corsair.
    • Increased the number of max character slots to 24.

Character Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where if a skill's Add-on effect applied both a buff and debuff effect at the same time, the target with Forward Guard would still receive the debuff effect upon being hit.
  • Fixed awkward animations of certain characters when using the "Move forward as you sweep" Social Action.
  • Fixed how parts of the UI in the Passive tab of the Skills (K) window appeared awkward.
  • Ranger Class
    • Flow: Call from Sky - Fixed the issue where Flow: Air Explosion Shot wouldn't apply damage when comboed from the skill while both Evasive Explosion Shot II and Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot were learned.
  • Tamer Class
    • Surging Tide - Fixed the skill's effect to match the actual attack range when used after summoning Heilang.
  • Valkyrie Class
    • Just Counter I-III, Absolute: Just Counter, Prime: Just Counter - Fixed to combo correctly into the following skills:
      • Sharp Light I-IV, Absolute: Sharp Light
      • Glaring Slash I-V, Absolute: Glaring Slash, Prime: Glaring Slash I-IV
      • Sideways Cut I-III, Absolute: Sideways Cut
  • Musa / Maehwa
    • Stub Arrow, Charged Stub Arrow - Fixed the issue where the Horn Bow appeared abnormal when comboing into other skills.
  • Ninja Class
    • Flashing Light - Fixed to combo properly into Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp when pressing the Spacebar during use.
  • Archer Class
    • Piercing Cry - Fixed to apply the correct amount of damage as mentioned in the description with Spirit Arrow II learned.
    • Light's Mark - Added to the list of skills that have the Righteous Fire effect applied.
      • The actual skill's effect will occur in the same manner as before.
    • Luthraghon's Call I-IV - Changed to apply the correct number of the hits as mentioned in the description when used while mounted.
  • Guardian Class
    • Black Spirit: Black Blood Circle I-IV, Black Spirit: Absolute: Black Blood Circle, Black Spirit: Prime: Black Blood Circle I-IV - Added the following PvE-only effects to the description:
      • "Spins the target on hits (PvE only)"
      • The actual skill's effects will occur in the same manner as before.
    • Omua's Objurgation V - Changed the duration of the on-hit AP reduction effect to match the skill description.
  • Sage Class
    • Electrify - Fixed the skill demo to match the actual skill animations.

System Changes

  • Changed all Big Ships to now require characters Lv. 50 or higher to be able to use Cannon Fire.
    • Even though characters below Lv. 50 can fire cannons prior to this update, no damage was being applied.
  • Added to the requirement for New Adventurers to create a Family Name.
    • Once you enter a Safety Zone with a character who is Lv. 15 or higher, the window to create a Family Name will appear.
  • Fixed the issue where you could use the following functions in the app with an account with restricted access to the Central Market. Now accounts restricted from the Central Market cannot use any feature via the app.
    • Cancelling registrations and pre-orders
    • Collecting Silver from sales
  • Removed any unnecessary logs from the game log.
  • Added a warning message to display when registering certain items onto the Central Market with less than 1 hour remaining on your Value Pack.
  • Fixed the issue where Families of certain transferred accounts couldn't be appointed to the Guild rank of Advisor.

You can find the full Patch Notes from Pearl Abyss here.

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