Starfield: Upcoming RPG has Bethesda's biggest ever map, says Todd Howard

Ever since Starfield was confirmed as Bethesda's next major video gaming release, details about the game have been hard to come by.

Since the trailer was released in March, not much has been revealed. That is until now though, as Bethesda's director Todd Howard has confirmed some welcome news about the space RPG!

The biggest yet

If there's one thing Bethesda are known for, it's their sprawling worlds which they create for their RPG's. Bethesda is synonymous with Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, which both feature large maps.

Starfield is said to be no exception to the rule, continuing the trend of maps that get larger with each Bethesda game:

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SPRAWLING: Starfield's playing area will be Bethesda's biggest yet

"The development team are working with a procedural generation tool when working on the map for both The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. This allows them to more easily create larger worlds."

"This in turn means that Starfield's map will be bigger than Fallout 76's, which itself was already four times the size of Skyrim." Howard said during an interview at the Develop: Brighton Digital conference yesterday.

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How much bigger will the map be than Fallout 76's? We don't know, but you'd imagine significantly, otherwise Howard wouldn't have promised that this early on.

What is also encouraging is that the size of the team working on Starfield is huge, around 4-5 times the size of Skyrim's. "When people see the results, hopefully, they'd be as happy as we are". Howard remarked.

When will Starfield land?

Like many things regarding Starfield, we don't know when it will come out. Just like the Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield doesn't have an official release date as of yet.

There are rumours of Starfield being an Xbox Series X exclusive, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Most sources are stating the game will be coming out on PS5 and PC, in addition to the Series X.

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FALLOUT IN SPACE? Will Starfield be the spiritual successor to Fallout?

When asked when we can expect more news on Starfield, Howard simply said "I honestly can't answer that". With how tumultuous 2020 has been, that's to be expected.

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What has been confirmed by Howard though, is that Starfield will be on Xbox Game Pass from Day 1 of its release, as well as The Elder Scrolls VI.

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