How to Unlock All Outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Red from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
Credit: Team Reptile

Red from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
Credit: Team Reptile

The vibrant streets of New Amsterdam are home to a stylish cast of unlockable characters. Alongside its iconic cel-shaded art style and an incredible electrofunk soundtrack, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk features fast-paced skating action that is unique to each of these characters. What's more, you can cruise the streets in style by donning an alternate outfit that you find the coolest.

Scattered across the map of New Amsterdam, you can obtain Winter and Autumn outfits for the characters Red, Tryce, Bel, Rave, and Shine. Collect these outfits by grinding rails and completing challenges, adding an extra layer of customisation and flair to your gameplay experience!

All Bomb Rush Cyberfunk outift locations

Find below all the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Autumn and Winter outfit locations for Red, Tryce, Bel, Rave, and Shine.

Versum Hill: Red (Winter and Autumn), Rave (Autumn)

A screenshot of Versum Hill in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
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Credit: Team Reptile

Red’s Autumn outfit: In the centre area, there are four billboards that form a square. You’ll find this outfit on top of the billboards. The easiest way to get there is to jump down from the train tracks above. You can also wallride the section in a circle repeatedly until you have enough height to jump over.

Red’s Winter outfit: This outfit is located in an alleyway that becomes accessible only after completing the first chapter. You can find the alley in the centre area next to the taxi stand. To reach the outfit, you’ll have to leap over a gate. There are some iron bars nearby to help you up.

Rave’s Autumn outfit: At the very start of the level, there is a large BMX door. Simply bring a character riding a bike and cycle along the right wall when you first enter the level from the hideout. The outfit is the only thing you'll find inside.

Millennium Square: Tryce (Autumn and Winter)

Tryce’s Autumn outfit: Above the entrance to the Millennium Mall, you’ll see the outfit on the ledge. To obtain this outfit, use the ramp on the right when you enter the level from Versum Hill, there will be a line of rails and wallrides that will lead you right to it.

Tryce’s Winter outfit: Found on the rooftop by the tower of wallrides. The simplest route to reach it is by heading close to the entrance of Mataan and then wall-riding the billboard and rail. Alternatively, you can climb the tower and then jump down onto the roof.

A screenshot from Team Reptile's Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
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Credit: Team Reptile

Brink Terminal: Mesh (Autumn and Winter), Rave (Winter), Bel (Winter)

Mesh’s Autumn outfit: On top of the big building overlooking the big bus terminal and the intersection. The outfit will be on the edge of the roof.

Mesh’s Winter outfit: You can get this outfit when you complete the yellow mailbox boy challenge by the pier.

Rave’s Winter outfit: Search for a small overhang on the side of the strip mall, located across the street from Flip Grill. You can either use a lamppost that you can use to jump up onto this section, or find a higher vantage point and then drop down. Once you've reached this area, you'll immediately spot the outfit.

Bel’s Winter outfit: Locate the big missile silo in Brink Terminal. Make your way upwards until you come across an opportunity to drop down into the opening on the side of the building, where you'll find a large mechanical-looking column inside. Drop down, walk around it, and you'll find it

Millennium Mall: Bel (Autumn), Shine (Autumn)

Bel’s Autumn outfit: Complete the red mailbox boy challenge by the entrance to the Millennium Mall to obtain the outfit.

Shine’s Autumn outfit: Make your way to the main area of the mall and look for an upside-down rail between the third and fourth floors. This outfit is positioned along the path of that rail. The most effective approach is to start a wallride on the third floor, and get enough height so you can reach that rail. Once you’re on the rail, just stay on until the end and you’ll get the outfit.

Pyramid Island: Vinyl (Autumn and Winter), Rise (Autumn and Winter), Shine (Winter)

A screenshot of Coil in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
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Credit: Team Reptile

Vinyl’s Autumn outfit: Look beneath the halfpipe on the third floor of the island. You'll notice a rail where the outfit is located. You can circle around to the back of the halfpipes facing the ferry, and there you should spot the railing with the outfit. Jump down to reach it.

Vinyl’s Winter outfit: Roam around the shipping crates until you come across a red circular skateboard elevator. Use it to get up onto the big pile of shipping crates in the centre. On top of them, you’ll find the outfit.

Rise’s Autumn outfit: Within the massive pipe grind, be on the lookout for a ladder that will take you up and then drop you through the pipe to the windmill grind area. As you’re falling, look for a small section of the pipe sticking out. Halt your descent and make your way into the small hallway where the outfit is located.

Rise’s Winter outfit: On the island’s scientist floor, you want to find the ramp that takes you up to the reinforced glass that you need to shatter to access the viewing chamber. Once you find the ramp, walk around it until you spot an orange toilet and a dumpster. You'll find the outfit in the dumpster.

Shine’s Winter Outfit: This outfit is located at the very top of the large cement mixer next to the halfpipe section, among the hanging crates. To reach it, you can attach yourself to the bottom of the cement mixer and grind your way to its middle portion. From there, if you jump off and land on the solid parts of the machine, you'll have enough height to make the final jump to the top where the outfit is waiting.

Mataam: Solace (Autumn and Winter), Coil (Autumn and Winter), Felix (Autumn and Winter)

Solace’s Autumn outfit: To obtain this outfit, you need to go skyscraper grinding. Begin by heading to the Mataan River area and locating a telephone pole that allows you to glide through the gap between walls. As you continue further down from the skyscraper tagging spots, you'll come across a rectangular section of wires, and at the end of that section, you'll find the outfit.

Solace’s Winter outfit: Make your way to the small island in the Mataan River. To reach the outfit, you need to use a skateboard to use the elevator. The outfit will be easy to grab from there.

Coil’s Autumn outfit: In the Red Light District, keep an eye out for pride flags. Enter the alley next to the flags, and as you walk past some dumpsters, you'll spot the outfit.

Coil’s Winter outfit: Head over the golden sphinx statue in the main square. In its hand, you'll notice that it's holding the outfit. If you grind your way up to the statue's collar, you should find it relatively easy to jump off into its hand and collect the outfit.

Felix’s Autumn outfit: Inside the tower with four split pathways along the heads of elephants, on its glass roof, you should be able to spot the outfit below you. To reach it, you'll need to break the glass using skates.

Felix’s Winter outfit: Head towards the cluster of skyscrapers and locate the helipads and a couple of big yellow cranes. The outfit will be suspended in the air. To retrieve it, ascend to the top of the nearby building and make a jump down.

That's how to unlock all outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk! Looking for more Cyberfunk content? We've got you covered! Find out whether Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is on Game Pass, learn about the multiplayer mod created by fans, all character voice actors, how to unlock all characters, and how long it takes to fully complete the game here.

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