Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST: All tracks revealed

A screenshot of Vinyl in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
Credit: Team Reptile

A screenshot of Vinyl in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
Credit: Team Reptile

For many, Team Reptile’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is the spiritual successor to the SEGA cult classic, Jet Set Radio. The inspirations drawn from Jet Set Radio are evident not only in the iconic cel-shading art style, the progression of levels, and distinctive character designs but also in the incredible soundtrack.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s high-energy electrofunk is poised to become the best game OST of 2023. There’s something about cruising through the bustling streets of New Amsterdam, and popping tricks when the music hits just right. The electrifying soundtrack makes Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a truly unforgettable experience.

Who composed Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST?

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk soundtrack was meticulously curated by the game director, Dion Koster. Using his experience in dancing, he collaborated with artists who specialise in “danceable music” and possess a strong artistic voice and noticeable authorship.

A screenshot of Red from the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk teaser.
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Credit: Team Reptile

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk's soundtrack is a journey through various genres and personal styles on a global scale. What unites these tracks is their ability to connect technology (the cyber) and the urban streets (the funk).

Most notably, the soundtrack sees the return of the prolific composer Hideki Naganuma, who also worked on Jet Set Radio’s iconic OST. Alongside Naganuma, Ethan Goldhammer, Leopard Davinci & Louis 707, Proux, Olli, and SKALP inject some seriously addictive funk into the mix.

The soundtrack doesn't hold back on heavy beats either, courtesy of artists like Bx'treme, kidkanevil, Charodey Jeddy, and Legove. If you're into house music, you'll find captivating tunes from wev, Sebastian Knight, and Color Plus. Prepare for a mind-bending experience with artists like Reso and GRRL, then soothe yourself back to sanity with tracks by CYBERMILK, Dom McLennon, and Knxwledge.

A screenshot from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
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Credit: Team Reptile

As the cherry on top, the OST concludes with a truly unique, otherworldly vibe, featuring soia, Kilowatts, and Doctor Lazer. Each artist contributes their distinct musical prowess, making the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk OST a diverse and unforgettable auditory journey!

All Bomb Rush Cyberfunk tracks

Here is the complete tracklist featured in the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

  1. kidkanevil - Big City Life (Ft. PAV4N)
  2. 2 Mello - I Wanna Kno
  3. Proux - Funk Express
  4. Dom Mclennon - Morning Glow (Ft. Nicholas Mangiafico)
  5. KiloWatts - Scraped On The Way Out
  6. Doctor Lazer - Chromebies
  7. Charodey Jeddy - State of Mind
  8. CYBERMILK - Condensed Milk
  9. LEGOVE - Plume
  10. Klaus Veen - Anime Break
  11. Hideki Nagamura - JACK DA FUN
  12. Olli - Precious Thing
  13. Leopard DaVinci & Louis 707- Next To Me
  14. Hideki Nagamura - GET ENUF
  15. SKALP - Bounce Upon A Time
  16. Sebastion Knight - Feel The Funk (Computer Love)
  17. Reso - Iridium
  18. GRRL - Operator
  19. Hideki Nagamura - DA PEOPLE
  20. Reso - Chuckin Up
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  1. Reso - Spectres
  2. GRRL - Trinitron
  3. Flamclap - In The Pocket
  4. Kilo Watts - Two Days Off
  5. Bx'treme - AGUA
  6. Soia - you can say hi (prod. by mez)
  7. SkyBlew & Navo The Maestro - Light Switch
  8. wev - watchyaback!
  9. Color Plus - Hair Dun Nails Dun
  10. KiloWatts - Last Hoorah
  11. Knxwledge - hwbouths
  12. Swami Sound - Refuse

Interested in adding these funky tracks to your playlist? You can access the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Spotify playlist here! You can also purchase the entire soundtrack on Steam with this link.

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