Minecraft Nether Update Trailer: Gameplay, explained, release, Piglins, Respawn Anchor, & more

It's Nether update day for Minecraft fans at long last.

Nine months after announcing the content and after countless snapshots and betas the 1.16.0 update is finally being rolled out.

To go with it there is a trailer that shows off just what you can get up to in the new Nether.

Nether update trailer

It's 83 seconds of pure Minecraft awesomeness.

There's a lot going on here, so lets break it down.


We all know Zombie Pigmen, they are harmess right up until you hit one and then you're in trouble. Well, to add some sense of civilization to the Nether they are being replaced by Piglins (don't worry, there are Zombie Piglins too).

minecraft piglin
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OOOH SHINY: Gold will stop the Piglins attacking

With them comes the chance to barter, but also to fight. These creatures don't trust you unless you are wearing gold, and will get very aggressive if you start mining any of the new gold within the Nether when they are nearby.

Respawn Anchor

The trailer also shows off the new Respawn Anchor.

This block is powered by Glowstone and does exactly what it says, respawns you. That means if you die in the Nether you no longer have to make the long trek back from your Overworld base to the spot you died, you simply start by the Respawn Anchor.

It's like a bed, but less... explody.

What didn't we see?

There is plenty that didn't get shown off, like Netherite.

This substance is incredibly rare and difficult to find, but it makes the toughest tools and strongest armour in the game.

hoglins breed
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HOGLINS: Don't get too close, they can be vicious!

New mobs like Hoglins and Striders didn't make an appearance either.

There are new biomes to explore and blocks to create that can be highly decorative to your house, or used in massive redstone machines.

The Nether update is one of the biggest content drops into Minecraft in its lifespan. Time to go exploring!

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