Minecraft: How to get Netherite - Nether, ancient debris, ingots, scraps, armour, tools, & weapons

The Nether update 1.16.0 is here for Java Edition players and on its way for Bedrock!

Along with all the new content in the Nether comes netherite, a new material that makes stronger armour, tools, and weapons that diamond. The problem is it can be very hard to get!

Ancient debris

Unlike diamond and iron, you don't just find netherite ore that you can mine, smelt, and use.

You have to find ancient debris.

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These blocks look like fossilized tree trunks and are scattered deep in the Nether.

To get it you'll need to head into the Nether and mine your way down to Y 10-15, around the same place you would when looking for diamond. Then it is just a grind, and we do mean GRIND.

minecraft ancient debris
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FOUND YOU: Ancient debris is rarer than diamond and spawns in smaller pockets

Ancient debris is extremely rare, so come armed with your best pickaxe and plenty of fire resistance potions because lava is never too far away when mining in the Nether.

Ideally your pickaxe should be enchanted with efficiency (as high as possible) and mending, but getting those can be quite a grind too! Oh, and ancient debris can only be mined with a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

Smelt it into netherite scraps

Once you have a good amount of ancient debris, you'll need to return to base and get smelting!

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You can throw the ancient debris into a furnace, or blast furnace to save time, and then they will turn into netherite scraps.

You get one netherite scrap for each ancient debris, but to make a netherite ingot you'll need FOUR scraps.

Making a netherite ingot

So, just put your netherite scraps together into an ingot right? Unfortunately not.

You're going to need four netherite scraps AND four gold ingots.

minecraft netherite ingot recipe
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EXPENSIVE: But ultimately worth it

Thankfully, you can mine gold nuggets in the Nether too but it's still a lot of resources.

Making netherite tools, armour, and weapons

The final step is making the thing you need. Fortunately, you don't have to make tough choices here.

Netherite is an upgrade to diamond items, not something to craft fresh with.

netherite armour minecraft
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ONE FOR ONE: This is the nice part

You only need one netherite ingot to upgrade a tool. The upgrade will need to be done to a brand new diamond item and you'll need a smithing table to do it, but then you have your new piece of ultra-powerful netherite armour!

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