Minecraft Dungeons: How to Pre-Load for PS4 - Release Date, Price, Pre-Order, How to Level Up Fast & More

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Since it’s inception in 2009, Minecraft has slowly evolved into the canonical giant we know it as today, but the next chapter in the series is set to steer the iconic franchise in a brand new direction!

Those who haven’t been paying attention to the development of the game - Minecraft Dungeons takes influence from titles like Diablo III but does plenty to set itself apart from the game.

We know that the Microsoft-owned series is currently offering PC users the option to pre-load, so when will PS4 users be given access?

Continue below, as we separate fact from fiction.


Minecraft Dungeons’ release date is fast approaching, and there’s been an update on the Microsoft Store page regarding the availability of 'pre-loading' the game.

When Can I play Minecraft Dungeons gameplay
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IT'S ALMOST HERE: We are finally approaching Dungeons' release date!

PARTY TIME: Progress through the game for experience points and loot!

The pre-load is currently only available for PC, and it takes up roughly 2.71GB of space.

The purpose of a pre-load is that it will grant instant access to Minecraft Dungeons on the release date.

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But when will PS4 gamers be able to pre-load the game?

Well, since it is a Microsoft IP, it is very unlikely that PS4 users will receive the option to pre-load the game.

Xbox One users currently do not have access either, so stay tuned for our updates.

Pre-Order for PS4

At the moment PS4 players cannot pre-order Minecraft Dungeons.

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LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Minecraft Dungeons is only available to download on a select few platforms, including PC and Xbox One

When released, the game will be just £14.99, which is a bargain.

AmazonGAME, and most other major retailers will offer the game as a digital download so you won’t even need to wait for delivery.

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We expect it to become available on the PS Store from 26 May.

How to Level Up Fast (Beta)

In Mojang’s upcoming hack-and-slash spinoff, you will be able to fight mobs, grind for loot, and enchant all your gear with special abilities.

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EXPLORATION: The interactive world will be bigger than ever before!

But besides enchanting your weapons, the best way to make your equipment more powerful is by levelling up.

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Some of the best ways to level up include killing enemies, surviving bushes and defeating bosses.

But don't just take our word on it - head over to the full article for all the details and reasons to level up in Dungeons.

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