Minecraft Dungeons: Best Enchantments - Weapons, Armour, Gear, Salvage Points & More

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Minecraft Dungeons is set to introduce a new direction to the iconic series, with an RPG experience centred around fighting mobs and grinding for gear.

In Mojang’s upcoming hack-and-slash spinoff, you will be able to enchant all your weapons and armour and give your gear special abilities.

As you collect better gear, you’ll also be able to salvage your old items to earn back any enchantment points you spent on it - but we'll cover that at the end.

Continue reading for the best enchantments we've found in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Weapon Enchantments

Each enchantment will have a special trait to apply to your weapon or armour.

weapon enchantment bow
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MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE: There are so many different enchantments to choose from, offering Tier 1, 2 and 3 level abilities

Players can also improve on each enchantment by using enchantment points to increase its tier.


Your attacks decrease the attack damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds.


Find more Emeralds on fallen enemies.

Fire Aspect

Sets mobs on fire for three seconds dealing damage over time.


Deal increased damage against already wounded enemies.


Grants the chance to fire five arrows at once.


After defeating a mob, there is a 10% chance to increase your attack speed by +50% for a short time.


Increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables.

Best Armour Enchantments

To use enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons, head to the main camp and bring up the inventory screen.

best armour enchantments
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PROTECTION: Armour enchantments are arguably more important than any offensive enchantments

It’s best to do this at the main camp and not while you’re mid-level, so you don't get blindsided by a group of marauders.


While you are at full HP, you deal increased ranged and melee damage.

Health Synergy

When activating any artefact, you regain a small amount of health.

Fire Trail

Rolling creates a trail of fire behind you, which deals damage to mobs for four seconds


Grants a small chance to deflect incoming projectiles.


For every one hundred blocks explored on the map, you regain a small amount of health.

Speed Synergy

When activating any artefact, you gain +20% movement speed for a short time.

Surprise Gift


Whenever you use a healing potion, you sometimes create random consumables.

Salvage Enchantment Points

Every time you level up, you’ll get an enchantment point.

minecraft gear emeralds tips beginners
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INVENTORY: This is where all of your gear is stored

From your inventory, you’ll spend these points to unlock (random) perks on your armour and weapons.

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And you don’t have to horde these points waiting for better gear!

When you salvage a piece of enchanted gear, you’ll get some emeralds and all of the enchantment points back.

That means you can swap out gear and immediately enchant it.

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