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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Pre-Load for PC - Release Date, Price, Pre-Order & More

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Minecraft is an adventure game which has gradually developed into a canonical giant since it's inception in 2009.

The latest addition to the series, Minecraft Dungeons, will play like any other isometric hack and slash game, and features Minecraft’s iconic aesthetic.

For those new to the genre, it plays a lot like Diablo, but it’s got enough unique features to set itself apart from the game.

Minecraft Dungeons' release date is fast approaching, and this has been reflected by a significant change on the game's Microsoft Store page.

Continue below for more details, including how to pre-load the game on your PC!

Pre-Load Minecraft Dungeons

Following a recent update, players are now able to pre-load Minecraft Dungeons, which is scheduled to launch on 26 May on multiple platforms.

minecraft dung
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The game's Microsoft Store page has just been updated with new information about the upcoming dungeon-crawler.

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However, these details are only applicable to the PC edition of the game, which will apparently take up roughly 2.71GB of space.

Dungeons will be included with Xbox Game Pass for PC, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, you’re in luck.

Gameplay Trailer

Gamers expecting to be able to mine their way through the Dungeons will be in for a shock. There is no mining or building in this one!

The ARPG-style visuals and combat are reminiscent of games like Diablo III, so it will be a distinct departure from the normal Minecraft combat too.

Price & Availability

Minecraft Dungeons is currently listed at £16.74 / $19.99 on the official Minecraft website.

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Pre-orders for the PC edition are already live, so head on through either of the links above.

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