Minecraft Dungeons PC Launch Date: What time is it out? System Requirements, Pre-order, gameplay, crossplay, & Hero Edition

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Minecraft Dungeons is just around the corner, and it looks set to be one epic adventure!

The epic sandbox game has been the most successful video game for years now, with millions around the world creating, recreating, and building to their heart's content.

Now though, Mojang are bringing a new genre of Minecraft game.

Minecraft Dungeons will put you into a dungeon crawler filled with combat, enchanted weapons, and plenty of adventuring.

When can PC players get their hands on it?

Minecraft Dungeons PC release date

When Does Minecraft Dungeons Release
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SAVE THE WORLD: Or at least the villagers!

PC players can get their hands on Minecraft Dungeons on 26 May, 2020.

The title will be released at the following times around the world: 01:00 PT, 04:00 ET, and 09:00 BST, 10:00 CEST, 17:00 JST, and 18:00 AEST.

PC pre-order

minecraft dungeons PC
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A NEW TAKE: But a familiar world

PC players can pre-order Minecraft Dungeons now!

Amazon, GAME, and most good retailers are taking pre-orders, and offer
the game as a digital download code so you don’t even need to wait for

When released, the game will be just £14.99 ($19.99) which is a bargain, but there is an extra version PC players can get…

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition on PC

minecraft dungeons gameplay
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I KNOW YOU: You'll have to defeat some old mobs, and new ones

PC players will get access to the Hero Edition. This edition of the game gets you a few nice extras for your money:

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • Chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (coming soon)

The addition of those DLC packs will be good, and who doesn't want a chicken companion!

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This is currently only available to Xbox and PC players and will cost £24.99 ($29.99).

The DLC packs will be available to all when they come out, and you know Minecraft will make those skins available too for a price, so even if you opt against the Hero Edition you will probably be able to get these extras at some point.

System Requirments

Of course, if you're playing on PC you'll have to make sure your system is up the task.

Here are the minimum requirements for you to be able to run Minecraft Dungeons:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8 or 7 (64-bit with the latest updates; some functionality not supported on Windows 7 and 8)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU
  • CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz or equivalent

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If your computer can run this, then great! If not you still have the option to play Minecraft Dungeons on PS4, Xbox One,, and Switch!

Will Minecraft Dungeons have crossplay?

minecraft dungeons crossplay
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SQUAD UP: You and three friends can adventure together!

While Minecraft itself does have crossplay for all platforms, Minecraft Dungeons will not launch with universal crossplay.

However, PC players will be able to link up with Xbox gamers thanks to Microsoft. Extended crossplay is being looked at but will be a post-launch feature if it does come in.


Given that eventually everyone was able to connect together in Minecraft, we expect this feature to be more of a when, not if.

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