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05 May 2020

Minecraft Dungeons: Best Weapons Guide - 'Unique' Axes, Swords, Bows, Scythes & More

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Diamond Sword

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Firebrand Axe

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'Nightmare's Bite' Scythe

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'Red Snake' Bow

Minecraft first released on PCs way back in 2011, and the franchise has come an awful long way in the years since.

As a video game, Minecraft has now achieved GOAT-status, bragging a user base of roughly 100 million active users.

And it's only getting bigger!

Minecraft Dungeons is set to introduce a new direction to the blockbuster franchise, with an RPG experience centred around fighting mobs and grinding for gear.

Inspired by Diablo's causal take on loot-driven dungeon crawling, it packs a wide variety of unique weaponry to find.

Continue below for the best weapons you'll be able to find in the ongoing beta.

Diamond Sword

This crystalized blade keeps swordplay simple, sporting a boost to damage output for increased efficiency with every hit.

diamond sword mcdungeons

EXTRA DAMAGE: The sword relies heavily on securing strong enchantments, with 'available options' entirely reshaping its role in the battle

While the Diamond Sword lacks mystique, its glowing aura draws eyes.

Firebrand Axe

This mystical axe fully embraces the elements, placing a blazing inferno in the player's hands.

firebrand axe mc dungeons

BURNS MOBS: While flexible for all types of encounters, the axe's close-quarters nature allows players to cause carnage in tight spaces

The scolding axe burns all enemy types, dealing sustained fire damage.

The weapon also features a "spin attack", which involves swinging the weapon in a full circle.

'Nightmare's Bite' Scythe

This dynamic duo leaves a mark on foes, with a chance of consuming the surrounding radius in poisonous gases with each hit.

nightmare bite sickle

CLEAR THE ROOM: With dual-wield, enemy mobs will never stand a chance!

The two scythes are elegant and agile in combat, and are among the few weapons with dual-wield as an option.

These venomous fangs slice through foes with ease, so they are ideal for handling lower-level mobs.

'Red Snake' Bow

The Red Snake bow packs a fiery punch, with the chance of triggering an explosion upon impact.

red snake bow

EXPLOSIVE: Featuring a flexible lineup of abilities, this bow is useful on everyday mobs and colossal bosses

The explosive nature of the arrows provides the opportunity for bonus damage, and throws nearby mobs off their feet.

This bonus aids in all situations, delivering short bursts of substantial damage.