Minecraft PS5 Graphics: How Will It Look? Next-Gen, Ray-Tracing, PS5 Edition, Dungeons & More

Minecraft is one of the most successful game franchises the world has ever seen, and it has come a long way since it first released on PC in 2011.

The wide-open sandbox world has fueled a generation of gamers to create, recreate and explore all aspects of the game.

But with next-gen consoles scheduled to land at the end of the year, what can PlayStation users expect from the Microsoft IP?

It's hard to imagine that the original graphical-style will be ditched for something new, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Continue below as we discuss how the game will look on next-gen.

How will it look?

Thanks to ray-tracing technology, Minecraft will have a whole new look and feel on the PS5.

Check out the ray-tracing reveal trailer below, showing off how stunning Minecraft will look on next-gen consoles.

Even with it's basic, pixelated textures, the new ray-tracing features of the PS5 will make Minecraft look impeccable (if we actually get a PS5 edition, that is).

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Now, while the move to next-gen will give Minecraft a significant glow up, there will be gamers who decide to just use the backwards compatibility feature and the PS4 version.

Of course, this version will be perfectly playable, but it will not feature the graphical upgrade that we have discussed.

Is it actually coming to PS5?

Don't worry too much about the PS5 edition, as Minecraft eventually came to the PS4 after PC and Xbox.

minecraft dungeons endgame camp
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UPGRADE DUE: Minecraft's iconic graphical style could change for next-gen!

The PS4 edition of the game allowed crossplay and cohesion, but will the PS5 edition get the same treatment?

It's hard to say, but seeing that Minecraft is a Microsoft IP, it is likely that they will hold off on a PS5 edition for a little while.

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At least, until the Xbox Series X launches in the 'holiday' period of 2020.

However, thanks to backwards compatibility you will still be able to load up the PS4 Edition and enjoy Minecraft on the PS5.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release on 26 May, which is well before the launch date of the PlayStation 5.

Minecraft Dungeons Battle scenes
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SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Evade the dungeon’s traps, only to be rewarded with a horde of monsters

Thanks to the PS5’s backward compatibility, you can buy the game for PS4 and still enjoy it on the PS5.

Head over to our Minecraft Dungeons pre-order guide for all the details.

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