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Madden 22 trial will let players try before they buy

With Madden 22 being given an official release date, players are already clamoring to find out if a trial will let them play earlier.

Before you get your hands on the trial, you might want to find out where your favorite team landed on the ratings. Here we like to keep you up to date on everything Madden 22. So, we've decided to give you a peek at a team surprisingly rated third overall.

We've got all the details you need about the Madden 22 trial and demo, how to pre order this year's game, and more.

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LATEST - No.3 top-rated overall team is a shocker!

Rounding out the top two spots are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, respectively. However, the number three team seems a little out of place. The Green Bay Packers slid into third overall with a rating of 89.

Aaron Rodgers prepares for the snap
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A-ROD's BACK: The Green Bay Packers saw an increase in ratings with his return

Now, to be fair, Aaron Rodgers is responsible for this jump and it makes some sense. They went to the NFC Championship last season, so they deserve the placement.

If you're looking to figure out the rest of the team ratings layout, head here to read more!

EA Play Trial with 10-hour Gameplay Demo

As has become standard in recent years, Madden 22 will have an EA Play Trial that offers up to 10 hours of gameplay before the title is even released.

Madden 22 EA Play Trial Demo Early Access
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PLAY ASAP: Get in the game as early as possible with EA Play

The EA Play Trial will only be available to EA Play subscribers, and it will be released on August 12, 2021.

It's not yet clear if the trial will include the full game or if certain features will be restricted, but it's likely to be the best way to start playing as early as possible.

Community Playtest (Closed Beta)


Madden 22 has already hosted a Community Playtest (Closed Beta), but unfortunately it has concluded and there is no way to sign up at this time.

However, we were lucky enough to be one of the select few that tested the Madden 22 beta, giving us an early look at a unfinished build that included many of this year's new features.

You can view our full beta review here to see how things like Dynamic Gameday and the upgraded Franchise Mode felt during the Community Playtest.

Madden 22 Reveal Trailer

It is here! Take a look at what is to come from Madden 22.

Following the initial reveal trailer, we've also gotten more looks at the game via All-Access as either Deep Dives or more trailers.

You can find more here about all of the Madden 22 videos that have been released so far.


Release Date & Pre Order Early Access

We've finally learned that the official release date for Madden 22 is August 20, 2021, but there are a few ways to start playing even earlier.

If you choose to pre order the MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition of the game, you'll get Early Access and can start playing as soon as August 17, 2021.

You can pre order now by clicking the links below:



Best Buy

Microsoft Store


However, the trial will be available even earlier than Early Access...

New details about Face of the Franchise

We've continued to get new looks at Madden 22 since the game was revealed, and the latest has been through a trailer specific to Face of the Franchise.

The single-player career mode is returning once again in Madden 22, but it's gotten mixed reviews in recent years and is hoping to flip the script this time.

We've got more details here about what players can expect from Face of the Franchise: United We Rise in Madden 22.