What you can expect from the Madden 22 Dynasty Edition?

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With the release of Madden 22 quickly approaching, players are wondering which edition to purchase. Players have three different options to choose from, the Standard Edition, MVP Edition, and Dynasty Edition. Each of these editions comes with different rewards and a different price point, so it's important to make the right choice.

As we near the release of Madden 22, we're finding out more and more regarding player rankings. So you can stay updated, we've decided to go over some player ratings and what to expect with the Dynasty Edition.

LATEST - Players respond to Madden 22 ratings

One of the best parts about nearing the release of Madden 22 is finding out the player ratings. We as Madden 22 players love to see where our favorite athletes will land by the time the games come out.

However, another interesting part of rating reveals is finding out what these athletes think about their Madden ratings.

Here's what some Washington Football Team players had to say:

It's all in good fun of course, but it's great to see these players reacting to their ratings. For more information on ratings, or to see where your favorite player ended up, head here.

What to expect with the Dynasty Edition

With three different options for players to choose from when purchasing Madden 22, it can become overwhelming. The Dynasty Edition makes it simple, it encompasses all the rewards of both the Standard and MVP Editions, and adds MORE!

Here's a full list of the rewards available when purchasing the Dynasty Edition of Madden 22:

  • 3 Day Early Access
  • Dual Entitlement
  • Franchise: 100 Staff Points
  • Face of the Franchise & The Yard: The General Player Class Starting at Level 10
  • Tom Brady Gear Capsule
  • Choice of 1 out of 32 NFL Stars
  • Choice of Brady or Mahomes Elite Item
  • Exclusive Challenges During Early Access Window
  • Choice of Brady or Mahomes Curated Legends Pack
  • 22 Team Fantasy Packs

Madden 22 Dynasty Edition Price

For starters, it's important to note that the Madden 22 Dynasty Edition is available on every console aside from the Nintendo Switch. The price of the game is the same across all consoles including the next gen consoles.

Here's the Madden 22 Dynasty Edition price by platform.

  • PS4/PS5: $119.99
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S: $119.99
  • PC: $119.99
Miami Dolphin's quarterback Tua Tagovailoa takes the field.
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A NEW ERA: Madden 22 promises ground breaking graphics

With the Dynasty Edition only being $20 more than the MVP Edition, it's a much better deal considering the rewards you'll receive.

How to pre order the Madden 22 Dynasty Edition

Madden 22 is available to pre order now, and you can go ahead and reserve your Dynasty Edition or any other version by visiting the links below:


Best Buy

Microsoft Store

If you want more details about what comes with the other editions of Madden 22 when you pre order, check out the latest here.

Madden 22 Early Access with Dynasty Edition

The great news is that with any pre order edition you'll be able to get three days of early access to Madden 22.

The official release date is August 20, 2021, but if you pre order, you'll be able to play on August 17, 2021. With a pre order, you'll be able to claim your rewards faster than people waiting until release day.

Tampa Bay QB, Tom Brady prepares to receive the snap
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DYNAMIC: Dynasty Edition offers a multitude of rewards

Another way to get early access is being an EA Play subscriber. If you are, you can get access to Madden 22 on August 12, 2021 for a limited-time trial.

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