Madden 21: Will EA's next NFL game be announced during the Draft?

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This is the week of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Due to the current circumstances, this year's draft will be entirely virtual with teams making the selections from home. On Thursday 23 April, through the weekend, some young men will have their wildest dreams come true. And some will have their hopes crushed. This is the NFL.

But amongst all this, is there a chance that EA Sports use the opportunity to announce Madden 21?

Can we expect an announcement?

EA Sports have precedent. Last year, on day one of the draft they announced Madden 20. With a lot of the other events where games are typically launched, like E3, being cancelled it would make sense to use alternative events to make a splash.

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If they follow the same pattern as last year, we can expect to see Madden 21 announced on Thursday.

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CURSE BROKEN: Mahomes won the big game in his year on the cover

Nothing should change with EA Sport’s marketing plan for Madden 21 with the NFL Draft going to a virtual format. The announcement is usually made online anyway, usually via press release and trailers and using social media.

With the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year, this could be a big title in the history of the Madden franchise. This is especially true with 2K sports moving in on the NFL licensing agreement.

Cover star

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens leaked out that the reigning NFL MVP will be on the Madden 21 cover.

It could well be that EA had planned to make this announcement during the Draft, and we could get a trailer or even a release date instead.

What does the draft mean for Madden 20?

It's not all about Madden 21. With new releases on MUT, Madden 20 is still being updated and staying relevant through the draft.

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Last week, the NFL Draft Heroes were released with a monster Cam Newton 99 Overall card.

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GAME CHANGER: This Cam Newton card is aimed as a reward for a long MUT season

As if this is enough to get excited about, the first round of this year’s NFL Draft will be entering MUT, with the top five picks entering the game immediately. The #1 pick will be 99 OVR, with #2-5 98 OVR.

We can't wait to hear more on Thursday.

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