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A new Ultimate Team journey is here, and you’ll need to choose a captain to help lead your squad.

Madden 21 gives plenty of tough decisions in Madden Ultimate Team, but one of the biggest is your MUT Captain.

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Madden Ultimate Team isn’t exactly easy to pick up for new players.

With this in mind, here’s our beginner’s guide to Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21.

Madden 21 Team Captains

Once again players will have a choice of four Team Captains to pick from.

Unlike last year though, there is a version of each Captain with each Team Chemistry, meaning they will all work with whatever theme team you are building.

madden 21 team captain packs 1
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DECISIONS: Which one should you pick?

You can exchange Captains at any time, so you aren't locked into one but it is still an important choice to make as they will regularly be your best player throughout the year.

Let's take a quick look at each of the four players on offer, all stats quoted are from their 87 OVR version.

Eddie George, HB

The Madden 2001 cover star returns as a Team Captain option!

Eddie George
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TANK: George is a physical runner

With 85 speed, 85 acceleration, and 85 strength he is physically tough and very versatile.

He comes with 86 truck 86 carrying, and 85 break tackle too.

Ed McCaffrey, WR

The three-time Super Bowl champ brings a big threat to your passing game.

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At 6'5" and with 87 jump he'll be a great red zone threat. He also had 85 speed with 86 acceleration.

He comes with 86 catch in traffic, 86 medium route running, 85 catching, and 86 release he is very capable of getting open.

La'Roi Glover, DT

The former Cowboys DT offers some beef to the heart of your defense.

LaRoy Glover team captain
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LIKE A GLOVE: The Cowboys DT will be a good fit for any defense

He comes with 87 pursuit, 86 tackle, and 85 finesse moves. He's got 85 acceleration which is great burst for a big guy, and 84 strength to battle in the trenches.

Aeneas Williams, CB

The final Team Captain choice is corner Aeneas Williams.

His 87 OVR version will have 85 speed and 87 acceleration, which is good but not great.

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What is great is his 85 man coverage and 72 catching, making him a potential pick machine on man-blitz plays.

So, who's the best choice?

Which Team Captain is the best?

Early in the game Eddie George should easily be the best option.

Having a reliable RB is crucial in MUT and he can be your bellcow as you grind out the early challenges and levels.

bobby wagner madden 20
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NO MIKE: Without an MLB option it is a tough decision this year

Likewise, La'Roi Glover will offer a big boost to run defense early on.

These two are probably the best options, but that doesn't mean you should pick them...

The Team Captain you should pick is...

Aeneas Williams!

Why? Well, it comes down to position competition and depth.

There is an 85 OVR Adrian Peterson in NFL Epics who would quickly supplant George in your lineup. Not to mention the future Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson cards that you will want to use.

Aeneas Williams team captain
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MY GUY: Williams is the most likely to be a key part of your team all year

HB is always a well-stocked position that is likely to produce continually excellent cards that will be much better than George.

McCaffrey has immediate competition from Level Master Andre Johnson, and having those two in your lineup will limit your ability to add speedsters like Tyreek Hill and future Randy Moss cards.

A lot of MUT players use a 3-4 defense, which means you only really need one DT and once Warren Sapp arrives that will be that for Glover.

Which leaves Williams. You'll need multiple good cornerbacks to compete with some of the spread offenses that players run in Weekend League, and while he's not the fastest out there he is still good.

Williams is your best pick this year.

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