Madden 21 Ultimate Team: What to do first - Solo Challenges, Team Captain, Rewards, Levels, Packs, & more

Madden 21 is fast approaching.

With the EA Access trial coming soon and early access just two weeks away, its time to start planning your Ultimate Team dominance.

Scout out the Solo Challenges

Whether you dive in from EA Access or when you actually get the game, the first thing you should do is look through the solos and see what the rewards are.

If the first series of challenges offer an 86 OVR QB and DE, like the NFL Epics challenge in Madden 20, then you aren't going to want to get an 82 OVR QB from your pre-order packs, fantasy choices, or even worse, your NAT reward exchanges.

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NAILED IT: Plan out where you can put your elite cards early, or else!

Until the Gridiron Notes for Ultimate Team drop, we are still in the dark about what will be available on day 1. But there will be something that gives you a solid reward within the solos, so have a look and plot your best team early on so that you don't end up with a stack of top-end players that you can't auction or play.

Pick your captain right

Team captains quickly become your best players in the early stage of the game.

While we don't yet know who will be the captain options this year, there will be two on defense and two on offense.

While most people are drawn to the MLB option if available, you should include the captain spot in your scouting options.

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If one of the early solo rewards is an MLB, and you play a 4-3 defense, then you might not want that captain MLB player.

If you never really pass to a TE, what use is a captain TE? Have a plan when you pick your leader!

To buy or not to buy...

If you're going to be playing Ultimate Team all year, then buying packs early is the best way to get return for your money.

Whatever packs are available, buy up the biggest bundle that is in your budget.

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BUNDLE UP: If you're going to pay, get the best bargain you can

Of course, if you're going for a no-spend MUT account then that's great! But if you want to gain an edge that can truly last, then spending money straight away will give you a team that you can roll with for a good while, and assets to sell down the road that will keep you ahead.


Ultimate Team often comes down to hours put in right at the start of each season update. When the new game arrives getting your XP boosted as quickly as possible will let you snag better rewards, upgrade your captain and master players, and of course give you the coin to buy up players and packs.

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BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM: Get the players you want faster by grinding out your levels

Getting to max level as quickly as possible should be your aim straight away. The MUT community will be scouring for the best solos to grind out, so be sure to follow the advice!

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