Madden 21 drops Power Ups Sanders, Mayfield, more

Madden 21 Ultimate Team has released a new crop of players, and these Power Ups can be valuable gamechangers for any MUT 21 group once they've been boosted.

A total of 15 new Power Ups players are available now in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, and they've all got the potential to be a huge part of any team in MUT 21.

What are Power Ups in MUT 21?

At a glance, it can be deceiving just how useful Power Ups can be in Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 MUT Ultimate Team Power Ups
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TIP OF THE ICEBERG: After upgrades these players will get much stronger

They've got significantly lower Overall stats than the players that are normally released, with a handful in the 70s or 80s but most as low as 68 OVR.

However, Training Points can be used in Madden 21 Ultimate Team to upgrade these players and make them significantly more powerful, including unlocking X-Factor abilities and new Team Chemistry and Scheme Chemistry for the cards.

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All 15 Power Ups released for Madden 21

In total, Madden 21 Ultimate Team has added 15 new Power Ups players as part of this Wildcard Wednesday release.

The new Power Ups players are as follows:

  • J.D. McKissic (HB) 82 OVR
  • Deion Sanders (WR) 81 OVR
  • Calvin Johnson (FS) 81 OVR
  • Fritz Pollard (HB) 81 OVR
  • Doug Williams (QB) 81 OVR
  • Antonio Brown (WR) 79 OVR
  • Alex Smith (QB) 68 OVR
  • James Bradberry IV (CB) 68 OVR
  • Bryce Callahan (CB) 68 OVR
  • Jared Cook (TE) 68 OVR
  • Justin Herbert (QB) 68 OVR
  • Desean Jackson (WR) 68 OVR
  • John Brown (WR) 68 OVR
  • Baker Mayfield (QB) 68 OVR
  • Isaiah Simmons (SS) 68 OVR

All of these Power Ups players are available now in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, but you'll have to spend Training Points to unlock their full potential and make them into the dangerous weapons they can truly be.

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