Madden 21 Ultimate Team: All NFL Honors cards are now out

With the NFL season wrapped up for another year, we are getting to the business end of the MUT 21 season.

With Madden 21 coming to the last bend of the race, we start to see the best of the best added to the MUT world.

In recent weeks we have had the pro bowl set, the team of the year set, and even the first-ever 99 OVR card.

So the NFL Honors set is the cherry on the cake.

NFL Honors MUT 21 Set

Each year, the MUT world is graced with a set for the players that have won the headline awards at the NFL's curtain falling award ceremony.

Another season in the books but these players absolutely smashed it and have been immortalized in 97 OVR cards in MUT 21;

Aaron Rodgers, QB - MVP - 2.9m to buy

Aaron Rodgers NFL Honors 97 OVR MVP Card
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MVP: One of the best cards in Madden 21

This improviser QB card is flat out one of the best in the game, which is reflected in the hefty price tag.

Both a mobile passer and a pocket passer he has 87 acceleration and 86 agility but also elite accuracy.

96 short and deep passing and 95 medium passing is pretty much as good as it gets. 97 throw power also very desirable.

Finally, 96 throw on run and 95 throw under pressure mean players will be running around in the backfield and hard to stop.

Derrick Henry, HB - Offensive POTY - 1.4m to buy

Derrick Henry NFL Honors 97 OVR offensive player of the year card
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MONSTER: This card can't be stopped

What a monstrous card.

Running is big this Madden and this card is brutal.

99 Power back rating with 99 stiff arm, 98 break tackle, and 97 trucking. He's a very secure ball carrier with 95 carrying too.

But what really completes this card is 92 acc and 95 speed. So not only is he built like a train, he's quick as one too.

Aaron Donald, RE - Defensive POTY - 1.3m to buy

Aaron Donald NFL Honors 97 OVR Defensive player of the year Card
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FORCE: Donald causes havoc in the backfield

Already in the franchise mode 99 club, Donald is consistently one of the best in the game.

Adept in both 3-4 and 4-3 defenses this is now the best defensive card you can get.

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96 power moves and 94 finesse moves allow you to pick your poison for the opposition. 93 acc at 280lbs and 98 strength is too much for OL to handle.

Alex Smith, QB - Comeback POTY - 702k to buy

Alex Smith NFL Honors 97 OVR comeback player of the year Card
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HERO: This comeback is emotional for many

After nearly losing a leg, this is such an amazing and heartwarming story there was only ever going to be one winner.

Mainly a mobile passer and west coast card it has surprisingly good passing stats too.

92 acc is clearly a highlight with 94 throw on run and 93 throw under pressure. But add 96 short acc, 94 medium, and 92 deep and you have a good value card for the price.

Josh Allen, QB - Fantasy POTY - 988k to buy

Josh Allen NFL Honors 97 OVR Fantasy player of the year Card
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FANTASY: No one else got more fantasy points this season

With the fantasy player of the year award, Allen scored more points for fantasy owners than any other player.

This card will score points too.

Good for both mobile passer and deep passer this is a strong arm QB.

99 throw power is clearly the lead stat, but 93 acc and 90 speed are pretty handy too.

Don't ignore the 94 short acc, 93 medium, and 92 deep - he can sling it.

Justin Herbert, QB - Offensive ROTY - 916k to buy

Justin Herbert NFL Honors 97 OVR offensive rookie of the year Card
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FUTURE STAR: Herbert will get a massive jump in rating for Madden 22

Justin Herbert has burst onto the scene and surprised a lot of people to collect the Offensive Rookie of the year award.

This card has it all and is another mobile passer with a strong arm.

99 throw power like Allen's, with 91 speed and 93 acc.

His accuracy is a little better too with 96 short, 92 medium, and 93 deep.

Chase Young, RE - Defensive ROTY- 724k to buy

Chase Young NFL Honors 97 OVR Defensive rookie of the year Card
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HEIR: Young will take over as a huge name in pass rushing in future years

Mainly a 4-3 speed pass rusher, this card will help get sacks on the QB.

90 speed and 95 acceleration are high for a 264lb player.

96 finesse moves are the highlight, along with 94 block shed and 97 pursuit.

97 hit power should force some fumbles when he connects with opponents.

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