Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs headlined by Keanu Neal

Madden 21 continues to keep things fresh as the title lands on EA Play with new drops for MUT content, and the latest Madden Ultimate Team drop reveals two new LTDs available this week.

After teasing the first one yesterday, both LTDs were revealed today on Good Morning Madden, and they're ones players will definitely want to snag.

Madden 21 drops two new LTDs

Last night, Madden 21 Ultimate Team teased the first of this week's two LTDs with the reveal of Keanu Neal.

The second wasn't unveiled until today on Good Morning Madden, adding Trent Brown to the mix.

Both boast impressively high Overalls, as well as some major playmaking stats.

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Keanu Neal OVR 97 SS (Run Support), Atlanta Falcons

The first reveal for this week's Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs was Keanu Neal, and this 25-year-old Atlanta Falcon comes in strong with an impressive 97 OVR.

Madden 21 Keanu Neal screenshot from Good Morning Madden
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HOT PURSUIT: Keanu Neal is ready to be on the hunt

Where Neal excels most is his near-perfect 97 in Pursuit and Hit Power, making him an absolute threat for anyone's Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Zone Coverage isn't far behind at 96, with several other 90+ ratings rounding things out.

Keanu Neal Ratings: SPD 94, ACC 94, TAK 95, PRC 94, PUR 97, MCV 93, ZCV 96, POW 97

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Trent Brown OVR 97 RT (Power), Oakland Raiders

The next new LTD is Trent Brown of the Oakland Raiders, who also comes in at a more than solid 97 OVR.

Madden 21 screenshot Trent Brown from Good Morning Madden
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THE FINESSE: Trent Brown will change the game for your O-Line

Brown carries that number multiple times in his stats, clocking a 97 in Awareness, Pass Block, Pass Block Power, Pass Block Finesse, and Run Block Power.

He's also rocking a 96 in Run Block and Run Block Finesse, so you definitely want this gamechanger on your offensive line.

Trent Brown Ratings: STR 94, AWR 97, PBK 97, PBP 97, PBF 95, RBK 96, RBP 97, RBF 96

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