Madden 21 Ultimate Team Series 1: Start date, Master, Programs, cards, rewards & more

Those with early access have already started their Madden 21 Ultimate Team journey.

While NFL Epics and Rivalz has provided plenty of content, players are waiting for Series 1 to start.

Series 1 start date

S1 Trophies are already listed under the currency for Madden 21, but players can't yet earn them.

Their presence means that Series 1 should start soon though.

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With a Good Morning Madden stream coming today (10:30am ET / 3:30pm BST) we are expecting to hear that Series 1 will start on Friday 28 August, which is the official release date of Madden 21.

Series 1 Master

One of the big things that comes with a new Series is a Master!

Right now only the packs are available under the "Competitive" tab in the Store. A Master will be added once Series 1 kicks off, but who will it be?

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Last year's S1 Master was 91 OVR Von Miller, and in Madden 19 it was a 90 OVR David Johnson.

So that gives us an idea on the OVR of the player we'll get, but could it be?

Matthew Judon, OLB

Lamar Jackson's teammate and pass rusher, Matthew Judon would be a nice way to kick off MUT this year.

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With the new pass rush controls enticing players to come down to the line of scrimmage, giving them an elite pass rusher to use would be good.

Christian McCaffrey, HB

Sure, he's already got an 88 OVR card in MUT, but McCaffrey is a popular player thanks to his do-it-all skill set and the perfect player to show off the new skill stick with.

Jamal Adams, SS

One of the biggest trades of the off-season was Adams' move to Seattle.

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BOOM 2.0: Adding Jamal Adams could transform Seattle's secondary

MUT players are already feeling the effects of the slower user gameplay and the loss of Pat Tillman, so putting out a big hitter at SS for players to aim at would be great.

Programs & promos

Will we get a Kick Off program this year? What about something to replace the pre-season TOTWs? The start of a new MUT year is always full of unknowns.

EA has already dropped Superstar MVPs, and we know that the first round of Legends is coming this weekend. What else could be on the way?

A House Rules event is also likely to provide a taster of The Yard too.

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