Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Reveals, updates, Team Diamonds, core elite ratings, & more

The reveal of Madden 21's Ultimate Team is just around the corner.

We've already seen a bit of news come out, but with Gridiron Notes and a live stream today what can we expect to be confirmed by EA?

Latest news - Team Diamonds to return?

While the top core elite players were revealed officially, Jake Stein may have let slip that Team Diamonds are returning this year.

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TEAM DIAMONDS: Will they make a big return? It looks like it

In Madden 19 the end master for Team Diamonds was a 94 OVR Ronnie Lott, so players are naturally excited about this set returning.

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Jake also confirmed that MUT Masters and Captains would be announced.

Whether that will be in the Gridiron Notes or on the 6:30pm ET live stream we don't know yet, but buckle in because news will be flying in fast!

What else would we like to see revealed for MUT this year?

Better filters for MUT Auction House

Players will spend plenty of time in the MUT Auction House in Madden 21. With next-gen technology, we'd like to see some improvements to the Auction House filter and search systems.

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A better UI and easier filters should help matters for new and old players alike.

Auto substitutions

Most every game mode in the Madden series has introduced the Auto subs feature.

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NO REST: If a tired player is lined up with Aaron Donald, it's going to be a long night

Auto subs allows players to adjust the frequency that fatigued players are automatically subbed out before lining up too tired to make an impact.

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Adding this feature in MUT for Madden 21 would help clean up problems caused by player fatigue.

Longer life

The biggest impact of coronavirus for gamers was probably the collapse of Madden Ultimate Team content.

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LOYALTY: MUT in Madden 19 took on an additional layer with loyalty tokens

A ton of expected promos never appeared in MUT from March onwards, and caused a lot of players to bail on the game early.

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Fans deserve a longer life to the game mode they invest so much in, and more mini-promos/House Rules events wouldn't go a miss in between the main promos either!

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