Madden 21 PS5 is LIVE: Servers Up Now - Next Gen Trailer, Gameplay, Update, Graphics & more

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Madden 21 next gen is here with PS5 servers going live!

So what can we expect from Madden 21 on PS5?

Madden 21 PS5 release date

Madden 21 next gen officially arrives on PS5 on 4 December. Players can get started now however, as the Madden 21 PS5 Title Update and PS5 servers are now available!

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Next gen trailer

We've seen what the PS5 can do with other next gen games, but we haven't seen Madden 21 next gen in action fully.

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We have gotten a glimpse, however, thanks to the Madden 21 Next Gen Gameplay Trailer.

You can check out the trailer below:

Things are looking quite promising.

Madden 21 on PS5

Perhaps the biggest upgrade for Madden 21 on next gen, and on PS5, will be player movement.

EA will be using RFID tracking information to create unique player movement, acceleration, change of direction, and animations.

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MORE REALISM: Better use of data will allow EA to create a more realistic sim

AI reactions should be more authentic and elite players should stand out more with their positioning and intelligence. This will enhance Madden 21 to offer the most realistic NFL sim experience available today.

New Replays & Presentation

The NFL's Next Gen Stats aren't only influencing player animations, movement, and decision-making, but they will be included in game replays too, just like the real NFL.

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From time to sack to air yards and ball carrier speed, you'll get some amazing additions to the in-game presentation on PS5.

Next Gen Playcalling

For next gen, Madden 21 playcalling will also be shaken up.

"By Player" playcalling will let you get the ball in your X-Factor's hands more often, and keep your plays straightforward.

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CALL MY NUMBER COACH: Pick your play by the player you want with the ball

You can also group your favorite plays together with a marker and new tab, meaning you can get to that 3rd down money play quicker and save some clock.

Visuals and Player Models

As you would expect, next-gen power means big visual improvements for Madden 21.

In a recent Gridiron Notes, EA detailed how the new deferred lighting system will create more realistic environments and players.

They also stated that they will finally be making sidelines properly representative of the players on them. This includes nailing their movement and reactions to be more lifelike.

As a cherry on top, they're also completely re-doing player bodies. "All player bodies in the next generation of Madden NFL are brand new to accurately represent the various athletic body types across the league. See deeper definition in player physiques while dynamic lighting accentuates details such as faces, hair, and uniforms to take athletes to a whole new level of realism."

While the football world is hyped to see Madden 21 on next gen, we'll have to wait for 4 December. Until then, we'll have to settle with replaying the trailer.

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