Madden 21 drops Golden Ticket Carr, Reagor, and more

Madden 21 is still rolling strong in Ultimate Team, and returning promo Golden Ticket has now officially seen the second release with QB Derek Carr leading the pack.

Four new Golden Ticket players were released in Ultimate Team, and all of them are available now in Madden 21.

Madden 21 Golden Ticket Release II

Four different players take center stage in the latest release for Madden 21 Ultimate Team, and the latest Golden Ticket players are all must-haves.

All four come in at a top-notch 99 OVR rating, and they've got the underneath stats to back it up and make them dangerous on the gridiron within MUT 21 as each of them has two or more attributes at 99.

Derek Carr (QB) 99 OVR, MUT 21 Golden Ticket

Perhaps the biggest addition in this release is Golden Ticket Derek Carr, and this 99 OVR version as a Field General is nothing short of amazing.

Carr has a 99 in Throw Under Pressure, Running, and Deep Route Accuracy that's going to make him a monster at making major plays in Ultimate Team.

Jalen Reagor (WR) 99 OVR, MUT 21 Golden Ticket

Jalen Reagor joins Golden Ticket in Madden 21 Ultimate Team as a Deep Threat, and his stats certainly reinforce that.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Golden Ticket Release
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GO LONG: Reagor is exactly what you need for a hail mary

Reagor has a 99 in Jumping, 99 in Deep Route Running, and 98 in Speed that would make him pair beautifully with Carr for making big plays.

Derick Roberson (ROLB) 99 OVR, MUT 21 Golden Ticket

On the other side of the ball, we have Speed Rusher Derick Roberson, and this linebacker has got the moves to beef up your defense.

Roberson has a 99 in Power Moves, Finesse Moves, and Tackle, and a 98 in Acceleration which will all help him make a devastatingly quick line towards whichever opposing team member is unlucky enough to be in his sights.

Grant Delpit (FS) 99 OVR, MUT 21 Golden Ticket

Finally, we have Grant Delpit who joins the Golden Ticket promo as a Hybrid Free Safety, and his unique grouping of stats means he shouldn't be overlooked.

Delpit has a 99 rating in Hit Power, Zone Coverage, Tackle, and Pursuit to go along with his 98 in Acceleration that will make him a nightmare for any offense.

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