League of Legends: How to fix “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error

League of Legends Miss Fortune Splash art

League of Legends Miss Fortune Splash art

There are a plethora of errors that plague League of Legends players, and the “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error is one of the most common and annoying ones.

This error prevents players from connecting to the Riot Games servers and can happen as you try to log into the Riot client, when you are in the champion select, or even in the middle of a match.

So let's find out how you can fix this error and get back to Summoner's Rift as fast as possible.

How to fix “Failed to receive platform SIPT” error

There are several ways to fix the "Failed to receive platform SIPT” errors, with some being more effective than others. Make sure you try all of them since some might work for you while others don't.

That's because, unfortunately, there isn't a straightforward way to fix this error, as the problem can be connected to the Riot Servers or your internet connection, among other things.

League of Legends “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” erro
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So try out all the steps below, and hopefully, one of them will work for you.

  • Restart your router
  • Use the Riot repair tool
  • Check Riot Games server status
  • Uninstall and re-install League of Legends
  • Swap to a different DNS
  • Contact Riot support

We listed the fixes to this problem from the easiest to the hardest. This way you can try the most simple solutions first, and if they don't work, then you can try the most complex ones.

Restart your router

Restarting your router is the most basic fix for all Internet problems. Since this error is related to internet connection problems, restarting your router is the most obvious solution.

So when the “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error strikes, make sure you restart your router. However, don't log out of League of Legends or your Riot Client account.

Check Riot Games server status

As mentioned above, the “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error is an internet-related issue. However, there is a chance that the error is happening because the Riot Games servers are facing problems.

League of Legends Server Status Website Page
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The Riot Games servers may be all down when you get this problem, even though that is very unlikely to happen. But it's still worth playing it safe and checking the Riot Games server status.

You can do that by going to the official League of Legends server status website page. There you will be able to see if the servers are facing problems, and if so, which problems.

Using the Riot repair tool

The Riot repair tool is there to help players fix League of Legends errors in an easy and fast way so that players can quickly return to Summoner's Rift.

You can download the Riot repair tool from the Riot Games official website. Then, you just need to install and execute it. Follow the instructions suggested by the app, and hopefully, your problem will be fixed.

Swap to a different DNS

Swapping to a different DNS is a little bit tricker, but sometimes it's the only way to fix this annoying error.

You should only try this method after trying out all the other methods listed above.

  1. Go to Control Panel or Press WIN + R to open the control box and type in ncpa.cpl
  2. Click on Network and Internet,
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on Change Adapter Settings
  5. Right-click your internet connection when Network Connections appears and select Properties
  6. Double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 and Click on Use the following DNS server address
  7. In the Preferred DNS server section, enter and in the Alternate DNS server field enter
  8. Then, check the Validate settings upon the exit box to save the changes

Uninstall and re-install League of Legends

It's the oldest trick in the book, and surprisingly enough, it works most of the time. If the methods above didn't work for you, then consider uninstalling and re-install League of Legends.

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This should be a last resort option, so only try it once everything else has failed. The chances of success are 50-50, so don't get your hopes high.

Contact Riot Support

If you tried everything and you are still getting the “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error, the best thing you can do is contact Riot Support.

Go to the official Riot Games support website, click on the "Get Tech Help" icon, and browse the options offered in the menu to see which one addresses your problem.

We hope this guide was useful and helped you fix the “Failed to Receive Platform SIPT” error. Best of luck on Summoner's Rift!

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