LoL High Noon Skins 2024: Release date, champions, price, & more

LoL High Noon Yone splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL High Noon Yone splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

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The beloved League of Legends skinline, High Noon, captivated fans worldwide since its 2018 gothic reboot, and is poised for further expansion in 2024 with the addition of four new champions!

Drawing inspiration from American westerns with a unique gothic twist, each champion embodies a "western" hero, villain, or creature. In this alternate universe, Travellers are drawn to this untamed frontier, seeking fortune and prosperity amidst the unknown horrors of a cruel and ancient world.

With that said, here's everything we know about the upcoming High Noon skins in 2024!

Which LoL champions will receive a High Noon skin in 2024?

This year's High Noon skins were recently revealed on the official League of Legends X account, leaving players in awe of their stunning designs, set against a backdrop of saloons and orange-hued skies.

LoL High Noon Evelynn splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Here are all the champions set to receive a High Noon skin in 2024:

  • High Noon Yone (+ Mythic Variant)
  • High Noon Gragas
  • High Noon Rell
  • High Noon Evelynn
  • Prestige High Noon Evelynn

These new additions perfectly embody the spirit of the High Noon universe, a time filled with brave gunslingers, wretched scoundrels, enigmatic gods, and savage demons.

LoL High Noon 2024 skins price

Aside from High Noon Evelynn and Prestige High Noon Yone, all the other High Noon skins fall under the category of Epic Skins. This means that you'll have the opportunity to acquire them at the standard Epic Skin price of 1350 RP in the League of Legends client Skin Store once they are released.

Evelynn’s Legendary High Noon skin will be priced at 1820 RP, while Prestige Yone High Noon will cost 100 Prestige Points or 2000 event tokens from this year’s High Noon event. Despite player backlash against highly exclusive skins, High Noon Yone will also receive a Mythic Variant.

LoL High Noon Gragas splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

LoL High Noon 2024 skins release date

The new High Noon skins and accompanying event will arrive alongside LoL Patch 14.6, scheduled for release on 20 March 2024.

LoL High Noon Rell splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

That's everything we know about the High Noon 2024 skins so far! We'll update this information as it becomes available, so stay tuned. Get ready to saddle up and conquer the Wild West with these new skins!

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