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How To Make Money In GTA Online

Once you get past the initial introduction to GTA Online, you're likely to have around $200k in the bank.

Getting this money can be a grind though as you cycle through the early intro missions available to build this bank up.

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Instead, we're going to propose a few ways to get that balance looking healthier as quick as possible.


Boosted Events

It's always well worth keeping an eye on which events are x2 or x3 money and RP. GTA Online cycles these events regularly and they're a fantastic source for earning additional money.

In particular, the Adversary game mode Motor Wars is incredible for additional earnings. If you earn a win all rounds of a 3 round match, you could come out with over $100k easily.

GTA Online Boosted Events
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Knowing which activities are worth more is key

Bare in mind the time it takes to play a whole match is somewhere around 15-20 minutes. If you play at the right time, when a x3 is live, you could be earning millions in under an hour.

Of course it requires some skill and teamwork, but even finishing last pays out big when the boosts are active.


Races are also a good form of income when they are boosted and, like the Motor Wars events, it also helps that they're incredibly fun to play, especially with friends!

Twitch Prime Perks

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you're also entitled to Twitch Prime and because of this, you're entitled to the monthly GTA Online rewards that Rockstar make available.

GTA Online Twitch Prime Perks
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An example of the perks available.

Each Twitch reward is usually an item or property + $1m or more in money. These are also available for Red Dead Redemption 2, so if you play both games online you could really be missing out!


If you want to skip all of the prep work, you can matchmake into heists. You of course need to rely on the party leader giving you a good cut and the team working well together, but this could be avoided if you have friends to play with.

GTA Online Heist Money
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The Diamond Casino Heist has proven popular with players so far

Regardless, replaying heists and exploring the different options you can take in each, a few million dollars can me made in just a few hours. Once you have the heists down to a tee, you can increase the difficulty to up the earnings also.

Passive Income

Once you start opening businesses through the Motorcycle Clubs and Nightclubs or if own a Bunker, you can begin to earn passive income. Set up your passive income by funding gunrunning or drug rings and once you have your product in place, everything else happens in the background.

You can take on missions to get the materials for your club to use rather than paying for them, but this can be time-consuming and risky.

GTA Online Motorcycle Club
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They're not selling cookies, put it that way

When collecting 'products' for your club to sell, you will become visible to all players on the map who will be informed of what you're up to.

Realistically, your passive income will be around $80-120k an hour depending on upgrades and efficiency.