GTA Online: Best Payout Missions Make Money FAST! - Rooftop Rumble, Extradition & More!

GTA Online is some of the most fun you can have in-game to date, plainly due to the amount of freedom it offers players through its vast array of missions.

That said, it may be overwhelming for players finding the best that the game has to offer, this is where we come in.

For some players, the best missions may be determined by the payout and for others, it may just be the gameplay itself so with this in mind which missions are the best in GTA Online?


GTA Online relies heavily on raking in cash, be that for weapons, businesses, properties or vehicles, cash is key. For this reason, it is easy to see why players may be drawn to the highest paying missions that the game has to offer.

Pay is time-based, meaning that optimal pay per minute can be achieved if missions are completed within 4 to 6 minutes. The following list shows money per minute at its optimum:

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The 5 best-paying missions:

  • Trash Talk: $3715 per minute. Unlocks at rank 81 

In this mission, Martin Madrazo orders the crew to destroy four garbage trucks belonging to a rival crew that are scattered across Los Santos.

Once all of the garbage trucks have been destroyed the crew must go to the rival crew’s operation in El Bruno heights where they must then destroy 5 trucks and take out the guards.

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No littering! these garbage trucks are dotted around Los Santos, you must destroy them

Once the trucks and crew are eliminated, the crew boss who is fleeing on foot must be killed. When the boss has been killed the mission is completed.

  • Rooftop Rumble: $3657 per minute. Unlocks at rank 75

The FIB and The Professionals are dealing information about Madrazo in the car park at the intersection of Adam’s Apple Boulevard and Little Bighorn Avenue.

The professionals and FIB agents must be eliminated at the car park in order to retrieve the documents which must then be delivered to Madrazo’s house.

  • Judging the Jury: $3560 per minute. Unlocks at rank 75

Madrazo paid 12 jurors to sway a verdict, however, they stole the money and did not judge the verdict.

The crew must eliminate 8 jurors dotted around Los Santos, once the first 8 are killed the last 4 receive police protection from the LSPD giving players a 3 star wanted level for killing the jurors.

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Get ready to run! you will need to evade the police before going to Madrazo

When all of the jurors have been eliminated one player must lose their wanted level and go to Madrazo’s house

  • Parking Garage: $3462 per minute. Unlocks at rank 55

Lester has discovered a rival crew are making a deal at a car park in Pillbox Hill. He advises that one crew member should snipe whilst the rest go in to retrieve the document.

With the document acquired, the crew must deliver it to Lester’s warehouse in Murrieta Heights to finish the mission.

  • Extradition: $3412 per minute. Unlocks at rank 50

The crew must visit the Fort Zancudo military base to kill an informant. Upon arriving a plane will take off with the informant on board.

Once the crew have shot down the plane, they receive a message from Madrazo telling them that the Informant has already spoken to the DA meaning that he needs to be eliminated before he reaches the Davis Sheriff’s Station.

Once the DA has been killed, his briefcase must be retrieved and any wanted level must be lost before delivering it to Medrazo’s house and finishing the mission.

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It’s all well and good making the most money in GTA Online however if players want the most enjoyment from the game they may want to play missions that are the most fun rather than the highest paying.

Fan favourite missions include:

  • Diamonds are for Trevor. Unlocks at rank 70

Trevor tells the crew about a shipment of diamonds moving through Paleto Bay. The diamonds are protected by Merryweather Security who must be eliminated in order to retrieve the diamonds for Trevor Phillips Enterprises.

The crew is then tasked with delivering the diamonds by boat where they will then face resistance from more Merryweather security who need to be eliminated before delivering the goods and completing the mission.

  • Crime Scenester. Unlocks at rank 20

Dirty cops have taken some cash and are guarding it at a crime scene, the crew are tasked with retrieving this money from the crime scene. The crime scene is a narrow alleyway in La Mesa, Los Santos where the crew must eliminate the cops and retrieve the bag.

Once the crew has the bag they must lose their wanted level before delivering it to Lester’s warehouse and finishing the mission. 

  • Chemical Extraction. Unlocks at rank 65

Lester alerts the crew to a high priority shipment being guarded at the Humane Labs.

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The Humane Labs facility

The shipment is being guarded by Merryweather Security who must be eliminated before hacking a garage terminal, giving access to the van. The van will be chased by Merryweather but must be delivered to Lester’s safehouse without being destroyed.

  • A Titan of a Job. Unlocks at rank 24 

Merryweather Security are storing a Titan at their hangar in the Los Santos International Airport. The crew are tasked retrieving the Titan from the Merryweather hangar for Lester.

Upon arriving at the hangar the Merryweather guards must be eliminated before raiding the hangar and killing the soldiers inside. Once the hangar has been cleared and the semi-truck blocking the exit has been moved the crew can escape with the Titan.

The Titan should then be flown to the sandy shores airfield where Lester’s buyers are waiting.

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Your target: the Titan!

  • Chopper tail. Unlocks at rank 70

The police are investigating one of Trevor’s meth labs, as he is not sure which they are going to hit he instructs the crew to go to a  vantage point in Senora National Park.

Once at the vantage point, the team needs to wait for the police helicopter to arrive at which point they will follow the helicopter in dune buggies to the meth lab.

On arrival at the meth lab, the crew will need to eliminate the LSPD officers at the location. The crew then need to steal a Granger containing equipment which needs to be delivered to Trevor’s trailer.

Whilst delivering the equipment the crew will be followed by an FIB granger and intercepted by a police bike.

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