GTA V Online: Top 5 Best and Fastest Cars!

GTA V released over 6 years ago now and has seen a massive overhaul with its online game mode.

Constant updates to its rewards and game modes keep fans returning to the game, wanting to try out the latest car, or the biggest boat.

Cars have always been a staple of GTA V Online, with their flashy remodels of real-life cars combined with Rockstar's own additions.

Here, we cover the top 5 fastest cars in the game, as well as
other factors that should be considered before making such an investment!

Grotti X80 Proto

The X80 has been around for 3 years, after releasing
alongside the Cunning Stunts DLC.

gta v online x80 proto
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THE FUTURE IS HERE - The Grotti X80 Proto brings the future to you!

This concept supercar will cost $2,700,000, a hefty price
tag even with no customisation applied. The car looks incredibly futuristic and
resembles some sort of ‘Hot Wheels’ toy.

This may just what you're looking for, but if you want a more realistic looking car, wait for the models further down this list.

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With a focus on racing, the X80 is incredibly fast but can feel a little sluggish around the corners. However, after some time, you'll get the hang of it.

If you’re going for ‘Form over Function’ this is the pick
for you! The X80 can take a while to get used to when it comes to handling, but
with its insane speed on the straights, you’ll be flying by the rest of the crowd.


The Tezeract is another car with a unique futuristic look. This Electric powerhouse released with the SA Super Sport DLC and is certain to turn heads in races as you sail by without a sound.

gta v online tezeract
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ELECTRIC PERFORMANCE - The Tezeract has crazy acceleration due to the electric motor!

Coming in at $2,825,000 it is slightly more expensive than the X80, but you do get some added features. The customisation is very in-depth allowing you to make the entire windshield black, and change almost every part of the car (excluding the side skirts).

Due to its electric engine, the Tezeract has incredibly high
acceleration and top speed. However, the handling can feel a little like you’re
on ice.

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This electric racer is a car you must add to your collection! If you can cope with the unforgiving handling, you’ll have an incredibly fast accelerating racer on your hands - however, it comes at a substantial price tag.


The Krieger is based around the real-world Mercedes-AMG One - because of this, it has a very sleek and stylish design.

gta v online krieger
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PERFORMANCE IS KEY - The Krieger is a great choice for those looking for a supercar with great performance!

Unfortunately, there is little customisation other than
removing the stock ‘fins’ that come with the standard version. This can be
replaced with a racing spoiler to improve handling and add a little flair to
the look.

However, the Krieger is not here for its good looks, it’s known for its combination of great speed and handling bundled into one.

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After testing, it’s faster than the Vagner, S80RR and the Deveste! Unfortunately, it does come with the large price tag of $2,875,000 which is hefty when you consider how little you are able to customise the car.

Deveste Eight

The Deveste Eight (Devastate) is found wanting when compared to the other fancy supercars in the game.

gta online deveste eight
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DEVASTATE THE RACE - Compete with the best with the Deveste!

With little customisation and upgrades, don’t expect to be
spending hours in Los Santos Customs choosing which body kit works best.

Luckily, the car makes up for its lack of customisation with its performance. It was the fastest car when released (with the Arena War DLC) and has great handling.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a supercar which will dominate in races at a fairly reasonable $1,800,000 price tag, definitely look into this one.


Finally, we have the Cyclone. When considering price, customisation, speed, acceleration and handling, the cyclone is the clear winner.

gta online v cyclone
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THE EYE OF THE STORM - Our choice for the best car in GTA Onlineis the Cyclone!

At only $1,900,000 you’ll have plenty of cash left over for
any customisation you need. This involves spoilers, decals and anything in

Although there is nothing exotic about the car, it is realistic
and keeps the player feeling grounded.

As the car is electric, it is the fastest accelerating car
in the game and excels in the corners, making it incredibly overpowered in
races.  Although it’s not the fastest
car, it can compete on short drag races.

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If you are new to GTA and need a supercar to compete in races, this is the car for you. With its modest price tag and great performance, you can argue the cyclone is the best overall car in the game

Evidently, all of these cars are very pricey - if you're struggling to make money fast, take a look at our guide here!

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