GTA Online Weekly Update December 23: Free Content & Snow in Los Santos

GTA Online's music-heavy 'The Contract' expansion dropped last week and replaced the traditional Weekly Update we see from Rockstar Games. This was far from a bad thing, though - 'The Contract' added new story content, the largest post-launch Radio Station music update to date, and a handful of new vehicles and weapons.

However, that leaves us with a lot of questions - where is the latest Weekly Update, the one due on December 23rd, and when should we expect the blanket of white snow to fall across Los Santos? Here's everything we know... Or, rather, what we don't know.

LATEST - The Weekly Update is here!

Rockstar Games' traditional Weekly Update for GTA Online has finally arrived - it was just an hour late. There's going to be the usual slate of updates on top of a few festive surprises for GTA Online players to enjoy. Here's everything you need to know:

  • Snow has arrived;
    • It is now snowing in Los Santos and Blaine County;
GTA Online Weekly Update Snow
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WINTER WEATHER - It's going to be a white Christmas in Los Santos
  • Free Holiday Gifts;
    • Rockstar Games has gifted players the following: Clownfish Mask, Red Festive Tee, Firework Launcher, 20x Firework Rockets, Full Snacks, Full Armour, 25x Sticky Bombs, 25x Grenades, 5x Proximity Mines;
  • Test Track Vehicles Update;
    • Dinka Jester RR, Annis ZR350, Pfister Comet S2;
  • Free Vehicle;
    • Gallivanter Baller ST - GTA$ 890,000 (after free period);
  • New Vehicle;
    • Overflod Zeno - GTA$ 2,820,000;
  • Prize Ride Challenge;
    • Vapid Clique - Place Top 4 in 8 LS Car Meet Series races;
  • Podium Vehicle;
    • Declasse Mamba - GTA$ 995,000 (Worth)

At the moment, there's no word on any changes to the current slate of discounts and offers in-game. We will keep you updated if this changes.

Is the update dropping early?

Weazel News, GTA Online's fictional news station, is reporting "heavy snow" approaching Los Santos and we're under the impression that this means a small Winter Surprise update is going to be released this week.

Some people think that, because this isn't going to be a standard Weekly Update for GTA Online, it's going to be released on December 22nd - rather than the expected release date of December 23rd.

We're not sure what to think yet, but Rockstar Games hasn't shared anything about snowfall coming to GTA Online this year. That doesn't mean it isn't happening - it just means that it might only be happening for a short time period.

The last traditional weekly update

It's been a couple of weeks since we've seen Rockstar Games release a traditional Weekly Update for GTA Online - thanks to the build-up for 'The Contract' and the release of 'The Contract' itself. Here's what we saw in the last traditional Weekly Update for GTA Online and what to expect going forwards...

  • Prize Ride
    • Vectre - Finish Top 5 in 12 LS Car Meet Races
  • Podium Vehicle
    • Squaddie
  • 3x GTA$ & RP
    • Bunker
    • Diamond
    • Missile Base Adv Modes
  • 2x GTA$ & RP
    • Mobile Operations Missions
    • Top Fun Versus
  • 50% More GTA$ & RP
    • Bunker Sell Missions
  • 2x Reputation Bonus
    • Street Races
    • Pursuit Races
    • Sprints Test Track
    • Sultan Classic
    • Tailgater S
    • Cypher
  • Log in unlock
    • Manor PRBG Tee
  • Discounts
    • 40% Off Bunkers (+Renovations & Upgrades)
    • 40% Off Mobile Operations Centers (+Renovations)
    • 30% Off LS Tuners Racing Suits
    • 35% Off Jugular ($796,250 - $597,187)
    • 35% Off Penumbra FF ($897,000)
    • 35% Off Tempesta ($863,850)
    • 30% Off P-996 LAZER ($4,550,000)
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