All QoL Changes Coming to Genshin Impact in Version 4.1

Genshin Impact Katheryne in Mondstadt City
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Katheryne in Mondstadt City
Credit: HoYoverse

In anticipation of the much-anticipated Version 4.1 update, Genshin Impact devs are amping up the excitement by introducing some long-awaited QoL changes to the game in their Version 4.1 Livestream as well as Developers Discussion.

The latest Developers Discussion post targets improving the initial game experience for new players, revamping the admittedly tedious Daily Commissions system, and some thoughts for the future!

HoYoverse continues to bring Quality of Life (QoL) changes to the game through their Developers Discussions, fostering transparent communication with the Genshin Impact fanbase. With the next major update of Verison 4.1 and the 4.1 Livestream looming on the horizon, it is no surprise that HoYoverse is taking this opportunity to improve the overall gaming quality! Here are the main takeaways from the Developers Discussion post.

Daily Commissions are less of a chore with the introduction of "Adventure Encounters"

With the release of new areas, the amount of available content also gradually increases. In the 4.1 update, players will be able to experience a new and improved Daily Commission rewards system, very similar to Honkai: Star Rail.

A screenshot of the Fontaine Research Institute in the Genshin Impact 4.0 Livestream.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Starting from Version 4.1, after completing a quest, participating in an event, carrying out exploration, and collecting materials, players will earn a new form of currency known as Encounter Points. These points can be exchanged for the same rewards as those from Daily Commissions.

  • Once Travellers reach Adventure Rank 35 or complete Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III, Encounter Points can be exchanged for rewards
  • The claim attempts and reward cap for Encounter Points and Daily Commissions are shared and daily claiming attempts can be mixed and matched
    • for example, you can claim one Encounter Points reward, and complete three Daily Commissions and claim those rewards

Genshin Impact ascension more streamlined for new players

When creating new content, Genshin Impact developers continue to pay attention to players' gaming experiences with content from previous versions. They have found that some new players have encountered difficulties upon their arrival in Teyvat or encountered obstructions at certain points in their journey.

A screenshot of the Opera Epiclese in Fontaine in the Genshin Impact 4.0 Livestream.
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Credit: HoYoverse
The Opera Epiclese

HoYoverse hopes to make the experience smoother with some optimisations so that players can level up in the game faster and easier. These adjustments will be available in Version 4.1:

  • Adventure Rank Ascension Reminder: The Adventure Rank Ascension quest will be made more noticeable for new players
    • If a player’s Adventure Rank reaches the current limit, an Ascension prompt will appear in the Paimon Menu
  • Adventure Rank Ascension Challenge Stage Adjustments: Genshin devs have simplified the Adventure Rank Ascension challenge stage so that players can quickly reach the final challenge
    • Some strong opponents have been removed from the challenge, as new Travelers may not be familiar with their mechanics
  • Adjusted Rewards and Conditions for Unlocking "Embattle": The Adventure Rank requirement for unlocking the "Embattle" quest has been lowered from 20 to 16
    • This means that Travelers can now start the quest and receive the rewards earlier
    • Additionally, to help Travelers in the early stages of the game to better enhance their characters and weapons, weapon ascension materials and other enhancement materials have been added to the rewards

Genshin Impact Version 4.1 Developers Discussion: Thoughts on the future

Aside from the above changes coming to Verison 4.1, The Genshin Impact devs have also shared some of their plans for the future and addressed some of the pressing concerns from the Genshin community:

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  • "When will One-Click Expeditions be available?"
    • "Related features are already under development, and we will simplify the operations of Expeditions, Forging, and Cooking, making it easier for Travelers to get the rewards and dispatch expeditions."
  • "There are too many enemies listed in my Adventurer Handbook. Finding a specific enemy in there takes a long time every time I'm farming for materials."
    • "To improve Travelers' experience in finding enemies and obtaining the materials needed to level up, we are going to make some tweaks to the way Enemies work: The display of enemies will be adjusted to make it easier for you to locate."
    • "Additionally, after tracking an enemy and re-opening the page, your previous choice will be retained and you won't have to go through the entire list again. You'll also be able to click bosses' icons on the map to view their respawn times."
  • "Enhancing Artifacts requires a lot of clicks, is it possible to add more boxes?"
    • "Similar to the Enemies optimisation, we want to optimize the enhancement experience by simplifying operations."
    • "The number of materials that can be added to enhance Artifacts and Weapons will be increased, and the Smart Add feature for artifact enhancement will be developed to enable rapid enhancement to Level 4/8/12/16."
    • "As for character levelling, EXP materials will be able to be auto-added, and the Level Up and Ascend pages will be merged. When Travelers level up characters to the upper limit of their current level, they will be able to Ascend characters directly without having to open the Ascend page."
A screenshot of Lumine in floating in the water in Genshin Impact Fontaine.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Those were all the QoL changes coming to Genshin Impact in Version 4.1!

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