What Time Will The Genshin Lantern Rite Start?

The Five Flushes of Fortune Event is almost in full swing and we have everything you could need to know about when the Lantern Rite will start in Genshin Impact.

Festivities have started to begin with the 1.3 Update, however, the Lantern Rite is due to start soon!

You can scroll through miHoYo's animated post on their official website.

Start Time

The Lantern Rite event is scheduled to occur on February 10th. It will begin at 10:00 Server Time.

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Event Paimon
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WOW! - The Lantern Rite event promises to light up Liyue!

Below, you can see what time each server runs on in relation to UTC:

  • America - UTC -5
  • Europe - UTC +1
  • Asia - UTC +8

This event will also go live alongside the standard Genshin Impact daily reset.

This event will bring a whole host of wonderful attractions to the game.

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Exclusive activities, consumables, rewards and games are all going to be included when the Lantern Rite kicks off.

Three Stages

The above time only refers to the first stage of the event, though!

Genshin Impact has made the Lantern Rite a multi-stage event with Stage 2 due to start on February 14th and Stage 3 on February 18th.

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Each of these stages will boast some changes to the market and a new set of limited-time event quests.

The Lantern Rite event and the associated activities will end February 28th at 04:00 Server Time.

However, the Stand By Me Occasion and Xiao Market will stay live until March 7th.

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