Genshin: Five Flushes of Fortune Purple Creature Guide

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The Genshin Impact 1.3 update landed last week, bringing with it new quests, characters and seasonal events.

One of the events is the Five Flushes Of Fortune, which sees players take pictures in exchange for rewards.

Here is how to find Purple Creatures.


Where To Find Purple Creatures

This quest is exactly what it says on the tin, take photographs of purple creatures in the game.

Finding purple creatures is going to be much harder than the previous quest that had you find brown creatures.

Genshin Impact Five Flushes Of Fortune Day 7 Purple Creatures
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NEW: Today's quest has players take pictures of purple creatures.

You can track down Fatui Cicin Mages by using your Adventurer Handbooks, these are Electro Casters.


Electro Slimes can also be found by heading to Cape Oath in eastern Mondstadt.

North of the waypoint you will find 4 Electro Slimes that spawn there, three are purple so that's three down.

Then head to Wyrmrest Valley in Dragonspine and head to the camps across the lake.

You will find 2 purple Fatui Agents, which takes you to the halfway point.

Then head to Guyn Stone Forest and follow the coastline towards the domain to find 2 purple Hilichurl Archers.

Continue heading down the beach to find the final Fatui Cicin Mage, snap the photo and you are done.

Now you can go back to talk to Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor and collect your rewards.


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