Genshin Impact: A Wangshan Walk to Remember Quest Guide

Genshin Impact A Wangshan Walk to Remember

The World Quest known as A Wangshan Walk to Remember was introduced in version 4.4 of Genshin Impact.

This particular quest not only grants access to a concealed area but also delves into the history of the Guhua Clan and offers players captivating challenges and enigmatic puzzles.

To assist you in successfully completing the A Wangshan Walk to Remember quest, here is a comprehensive guide that will aid you in navigating through its intricacies.

How to unlock a Wangshan Walk to Remember

A Wangshan Walk to Remember is a World Quest that was added in version 4.4 of Genshin Impact. Unlike certain quests, it does not have any specific prerequisites. Players can embark on this adventure as soon as they reach the Chenyu Vale region.

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale
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Chenyu Vale

To initiate the quest, they can approach either Huang the Third, located in the training grounds north of Yilong Wharf, or Wen the Fourth, who can be found near the entrance of Wangshan Hall on Mt. Lingmeng.

A Wangshan Walk to Remember quest walkthrough

The journey unravels through various phases, each offering distinct obstacles and benefits. Below is a comprehensive guide outlining the significant milestones encountered throughout the quest.

1. Go to Wangshan Hall: Start your journey by heading towards the entrance of Wangshan Hall and engaging in a conversation with either Huang the Third or Wen the Fourth. These individuals will offer vital insights regarding the challenges that await you.

2. Complete the Trials: Accompany Huang the Third as he leads you to the location of the trials, where you will be required to showcase your abilities and expertise. These trials encompass various challenges, including manoeuvring through obstacles, vanquishing adversaries, and unravelling puzzles. It is imperative to carefully heed the instructions given by Huang the Third to achieve triumph.

3. Explore Wangshan Hall: Upon finishing the trials, gain access to the gates of Wangshan Hall and commence a guided tour under the leadership of Huang the Third. Delve into the depths of the hall, uncovering its enigmas, and acquiring invaluable knowledge about its historical and cultural importance.

A Wangshan Walk to Remember
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A Wangshan Walk to Remember

4. Prepare the Paimon Special: Step aside during the tour to converse with Paimon, who will share her ingenious plan with you. Together, concoct the "Paimon Special," a dish with a salty twist, and present it to Huang the Third as part of a clever ruse.

5. Reveal the Truth: After the dish is presented, confront Huang the Third with the truth, urging him to confess and hand over the Backup Key of Wangshan Hall.

6. Unlocks the Next Quest: Having the backup key in your possession, proceed to unlock the door leading to the Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua, signifying the completion of the quest and unveiling new exciting adventures that lie ahead.

A Wangshan Walk to Remember quest rewards

You’ll receive the following rewards after completing the A Wangshan Walk to Remember quest:

  • Primogems x30
  • Mora x35,000
  • Recipe: Guhua Fish & Lamb Soup
  • Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua

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