Genshin Impact 2.6 Kamisato Ayato Farming Guide: All Locations for Ascension & Talent Materials

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The Kamisato Ayato banner will arrive in less than a week, and the head of the Yashio Commission arrives along with the Genshin Impact 2.6 update.

The little brother of Ayaka is a highly expected character for the Genshin Community and will bring exciting changes for the hydro element.

For that reason, we've prepared our farming guide for Kamisato Ayato so you can start getting ready for his big arrival.

Kamisato Ayato Release Date

Kamisato Ayato banner will arrive with the Genshin Impact 2.6 update on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at 11am Server Time (Chinese Standard Time).

  • March 29, 8pm PT
  • March 29, 11pm EST
  • March 29 , 3am GMT

The Azure Excursion will feature the new character Kamisato Ayato - a 5-star Hydro Sword Character, and the following 4-stars characters:

Kamisato Ayato Farming Guide

Ayato is the current head of the Kamisato Clan and serves as the Yashiro Commissioner. The big brother of Ayaka is a 5-star Hydro Sword Character.

Ascension Materials

These are the ascension materials you'll need for Kamisato Ayato:

Dew of Repudiation, character level up material, dropped by the Hydro Hypostasis, the boss introduce in the ver. 2.1.

  • This boss is located near Suigetsu Pool in Watatsumi Island, with a cost of 40 resins.
  • Players need x46 Dew of Repudiation for Lv. 90 Kamisato Ayato.
  • Hydro Hypostasis drops 2-3 of these materials once it is defeated.

Sakura Bloom is a local specialty of Inazuma, petals that fall from the Sacred Sakura Tree. To harvest Sakura Bloom, travelers need to use an Electro Skill.

  • Players need 168 Sakura Bloom for an Lv. 90 Kamisato Ayato.
  • There are 71 Sakura Bloom in the wild refreshing every 48hrs.
  • Sakura Bloom is not available for buying, and they can't be grown in the Serenitea Pot.

Handguards - Kamisato Ayato will use the materials dropped by Nobushi and Kairagi from Inazuma. Players can find these Samurai warriors in most regions of the Electro Nation.

  • To level up Kamisato Ayato to Lv. 90 travelers require:
    • 18 Old Handguard
    • 30 Kageuchi Handguard
    • 36 Famed Handguard

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Talent Materials

Nobushi and Kairagi are Elite enemies that drop the same common materials, Handguards. The best farming route for these materials is on Yashiori Island. To maximize Ayato's Talents, players need:

  • 18 Old Handguards
  • 66 Kageuchi Handguards
  • 93 Famed Handguards

Elegance Series are talent-level books that players can obtain in the Violet Court domain on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

  • To max Kamisato Ayato's Talents, players need to collect:
    • 9 Teachings of Elegance
    • 63 Guide to Elegance
    • 114 Philosophies of Elegance

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto is the name of the new weekly boss. Players need to battle the Raiden Shogun to obtain the new boss materials.

The Raiden Shogun will drop the Puppet Joint when defeated.

New Boss in Genshin Impact
expand image
NEW BOSS: Raiden Shogun? Ei is losing control of her powers.
  • Kamisato Ayato needs 18 of Hands for max Talent.

Additionally, players need Varunada Lazurite, common crafting material for Hydro Characters, and tons of Mora to level Kamisato Ayato to the highest level.

Best Artifacts and Best Weapons

Ayato kit is intended to be a DMG dealer, even though 2 pieces of Gladiator and Hearth of Depth is a reasonable option. Therefore, the best Artifact Built will be 4 pieces of the new set: Echoes of an Offering.

The set will become available in a new domain on The Chasm. So, instead of farming artifacts for Ayato, we recommend keeping stacks of Fragile Resin in your inventory.

The BIS weapon for Kamisato Ayato will be the 5-star sword Haran Tsukishiro Futsu a blue and white Katana that resemble the color of waves breaking into the ocean.

Another weapon that will work well with Kamisato is the Jade Primordial Cutter, a 5-star sword. The weapon is featured in the current banner in Genshin Impact 2.5, so it is an excellent reason to pull for the weapon banner.

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