Genshin impact 2.3 Xiangling Build Guide: The F2P God

Genshin Impact 2.3 is a new opportunity to get our hands on the best F2P character in the game as Xianling, the Pyro 4-star character, is better than most 5-stars!

Xianling has managed to stay relevant in the game with every new update, finding a way to benefit from new teammates, new weapons, and artifacts.

Here is our complete guide to reaching the max potential of Xiangling in the current version of the game.

Who is Xiangling?

She is the Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor. Xiangling travels the world in the company of Gouba, an ancient God that helps her cooking and during battle.

  • Xianling is a 4-star Pyro Polearm user very versatile; she can play many roles, including Physical DPS, Pyro Sub DPS, and even support.
  • Very friendly F2P character, she is given as a reward when players clear level 3 of the Spiral Abyss.
  • Xianling constellation 4 is one of the best in the entire game, another reason to wish for her even if she is already on your roster.
  • Pyronado is a powerful Elemental Burst that can be used outfield and produce elemental reactions with ease.
  • Her biggest weakness is the High Cost of her Elemental Burst. However, some weapons and artifacts alleviate this issue and make Xianling even stronger.


Engulfing Lighting
Energy Recharge
ATK increased by 28~56% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. You can gain a maximum bonus of 80~120% ATK. Gain 30~50% Energy Recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Burst.
The Catch
Energy Recharge
Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 16~32% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6~12%.

Engulfing Lighting

  • This weapon reduces the cooldown time of Pyronado and boosts the damage of Xiangling's most potent ability.
  • Even though players that pulled for the Engulfing Lighting are most likely to have Baal in mind.

The Catch

  • It is surprising how good is The Catch considering it is a Free weapon that players can obtain by fishing.
  • With a decent Base attack and Energy Recharge as Sub-Stats, the weapon allow Xianling to use her skills more often.
  • But that is not all. The Catch Passive, Shanty: Increase the DMG of Elemental Burst. In the case of Xianling, her Pyronado became a weapon of mass destruction.


Set 1
Set 2
Stats Needed
Emblem of Severe fate
Emblem of Severe Fate
Emblem of Severe Fate
Gladiator Finale

Emblem of Severed Fate is the best fit for Xiangling; very similar to The Catch, they work perfectly together.

  • This artifact set provides extra Energy Recharge and extra DMG for Elemental Burst.

Two pieces of Emblem of Severed Fate combined with two pieces of Gladiator's Finale.

  • In case there is no luck obtaining good artifacts of the Emblem of Severed Fate set. Players can use their best Gladiator's Finale artifacts as an alternative.

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Team Compositions

Main DPS
Raiden Shogun
Elemental Reaction

National Team

  • When it comes to Xiangling, it seems mandatory to talk about the National Team: Xianling, Bennet, Xingqiu, and Chongyun.
  • National Team is a party that combines Tier B and Tier A characters to produce one of the most lethal squads in the game.
  • Fast swap team, where all four members contribute significantly with the damage output, using their elemental skills and elemental burst.
  • The best part is that all heroes are pretty accessible.

Rational Team

  • The last editions of the Spiral Abyss saw the rise of a variation of the National Team.
  • Replacing Chongyu for the Raiden Shogun, which will take place as the main DPS, and Xianling will be the Sub-DPS.
  • The team is the most popular composition for the last floors of the current version of the Spiral Abys.


Investing in Xiangling is never a waste. Nonetheless, we recommend focusing first on leveling up Pyronado, followed by Gouba Attack.

If you are using the Physical DMG version of Xianling, we recommend level-up her Normal Attack; otherwise, do it if you have extra materials.

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