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Genshin Impact 2.6 will open the curtain for The Chasm, a new explorable region. The Chasm is an enormous mine built in a crater that was created by the fall of the celestial body.

The region is located on the edge of Liyue, acting as a natural border between the land of Rex Lapis and Sumeru, the Dendro Nation.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming new region, The Chasm.

Release Date

The Chasm will become available in Genshin Impact 2.6. The upcoming update will go live on March 30, 2022, and run until May 10, 2022.

Along with The Chasm, Kamisato Ayato will debut as a playable character on the same day - and there's plenty more coming in its banners!

The Chasm

The Chasm is a very familiar region for most players, yet mysterious. Visible on the Map, the Chasm is on the border between the Dendro Nation Sumeru and the Geo Nation Liyue.

The Chasm was mentioned in the lore as a place full of valuable materials where mining thrived for many years. But, the region was abandoned after dangerous creatures overran the area.

The Chasm in Genshin Impact
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THE CHASM: The canyon was created by a celestial object

The Chasm's surface was created thousands of years by the impact of a Gigantic Celestial Body. As a result, the canyon is rich in Glazed Sand Crystal, a precious raw material used in creating Liyue Porcelain.

The mines under are an intricate and complex system that is hard to navigate. It is full of minerals and particular vegetation, a product of the environmental conditions.

The Chasm Map

Similar to Inazuma, the map of The Chasm will be unveiled by parts during the ver. 2.6 and the second half in the ver. 2.7.

Images coming from the Genshin Impact 2.6 Beta version show two explorable levels for The Chasm, The Base, and The Underground

The Base

The upper side of the Chasm is at surface level. The impact of a space object created different floors.

These are the areas in the base of The Chasm:

  • Surface Mines
  • Glazed Peak
  • Cinnabar Cliff
  • Tiangong Gorge
  • Caiqao Vale
  • Fuao Vale
  • The Chasm Jaws
The Chasm Base in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin World
THE BASE: The chasm upper level will explore the surface impacted by the celestial body.

The map shows a new artifact domain, some Fatui Camps, a new statue of the Seven. (Geo Archon Statue?) and a new landmark called the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Lumenstone Adjuvant Crystal

The Lumenstone Adjuvant is an object similar to the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma or the Frosting Bearer Tree in Dragonspine.

Around the Chasm, travelers will find an ore called Lumenspar. Crystals that will replicate the light from the surface.

In the same way, Electroculus and Crimson's Agate. Lumenspar will be used to level up the Lumenstone Adjuvant Cristal.

Lumespar in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Blank
LUMENSPAR: a new object in the map that will be necessary to explore the map of The Chasm

Increasing the Lumenstone Adjuvant level will be critical in exploring the Chasm. For example, new exploration effects like Increased sprinting speed, Lighting up areas, Trigger Mechanisms, and being able to mark nearby Lumenspar.

Additionally, the Lumenstone will offer the following rewards:

  • 4 Acquaint Fates
  • 2 Intertwined fates
  • 6 Gold Liyue Talent Books
  • Namecard
  • Northlander Billet for a Claymore
  • Fragile Resin
  • 500k Mora
  • 1000 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Now the max Lv. is 10. More levels may be added in upcoming updates.

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Credit: Blank
LUMENSTONE ADJUVANT CRYSTAL: The map object will give big rewards to travelers that collect Lumenspar.

The Underground

Like Enkanomiya, players will have access to the Underground level of the Chasm teleporting on the map.

Players also need to complete most of the Liyue mission to unlock the quest to grant access to the area.

New Enemies and Map Effects

The level below the surface will present more significant challenges. The area has low visibility. Some energy corrupts the creatures and the elements in the area.

Players will run into toxic mud that will slow the movement speed and produce DMG over time.

The Underground in Genshin Impact
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Credit: GenshinMains
THE UNDERGROUND: There is a land below the surface in the Chasm

Travelers will receive the Lumenstone Catalyst, a new gadget that will assist in sorting the obstacles in the terrain.

In the underground, players will face new enemies:

  • Floating Fungus or Moldbeast
    • Bug Type creatures that are floating and illuminate the area.
    • They will drop the ascension material called: fungus spore.
    • These enemies will recharge the energy of the Lumenstone Catalyst
  • Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter
    • A shadowy husk that harnesses the Anemo Element
  • Ruin Serpent (New Boss)
    • An Abyss Mechanism of significant proportions.

Oozing Concretions

The Chasm is full of danger. Besides a swarm of creatures, the mines are the home of a strange machine-creature called the Ozzing Concretions.

Based on its appearance and movement, the massive mechanism made of Abyss Tech resembles a digging tool and a Ruin Serpent.

Ruin Serpent new boss in Genshin Impact 2.6
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RUIN SERPENT: New Boss in Genshin Impact 2.6 living underground in the Chasm

Although the story of The Chasm in most parts is unknown, there are records that in the area Zhongli and Azhdaha came out triumphant from a big battle many years ago.

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