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07 May 2020

Fortnite: What Are The Most Competitive Cosmetics?

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Does It Matter?

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What Skins?

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Pickaxes? Gliders?

We are now just a few days away from the first week of the FNCS Invitational, this event is slated to be an all star event for Fortnite.

With the best players from previous FNCS, and the top players from the qualifying round this past weekend all competing.

One may think your in-game cosmetic choice for competitive game modes does not matter, but it can prove as a vital choice down the line.

Here are some of the best skins and other cosmetic items you should use!

Does It Matter?

In short, yes it does matter what skin you decide to wear during competitive matches. Whether you are grinding arena or playing in one of the upcoming FNCS weeks.

Some skins are a lot more visible from longer ranges as opposed to other skins. Skins that you should avoid wearing are the majority of the male skins and ones that appear larger than others.

Skins such as Peely, Cable, and Brutus are some we can think of.


SLEEK - Aura is one of the best skins to use!

Some of the skins we are going to talk about appear to have smaller hitboxes then the majority of skins in Fortnite.

Whether or not this is true, is still up in the air. But, we can assure you that these skins are smaller than most!

What Skins?

Below are some of the skins we think offer the best competitive advantage over the majority of skins in Fortnite.

As well, a large portion of these skins are often in the item shop ever week. So you do not have to wait a long time to obtain one!

  • Aura
  • Chaos Agent
  • Crystal
  • Mogul Master
  • Elite Agent
  • Focus

EVIL - Chaos Agent is a fantastic skin to use!

Although these are just a few skins to use, there is an ample amount that you can use!

Pickaxes? Gliders?

Now that we have covered the best skins to use during competitive matches, there are also some Pickaxes and Gliders that offer some sort of competitive advantage

The Pickaxe is one of the least important options when it comes to competitive matches, although it will not matter as much as your skin we recommend using the Studded Pickaxe.

This one offers a relatively quiet harvesting noise compared to other Pickaxes!


GLIDE IN - This is by far the best Glider in the game!

The recently released Dragacorn Glider as apart of the Deadpool collaboration has been noted as the most pay to win glider in the entire game.

Upon releasing the glider the player will do three backflips mid-air, making it nearly impossible to hit the player.